Thursday, August 21, 2008

On board

Yeah, I have achieved blogging technology!  And yes, I will try to beat Kate's posting of our new  quilting sticker for your car.  It is not in the position I would have preferred but I dare not remove the college decals!  Okay it is sideways - not an indication as to my driving ability :)  
Better pic now!

Shelburne Falls

I recently went to Shelburne Falls in Massachusetts to meet a college friend. What a wonderful place! It's an artsy little town with the Bridge of Flowers as one of it's claims to fame. The Bridge of flowers is lovely walking bridge that is lined with flowers, shrubs and trees. it's just beautiful. I had a wonderful time walking along the bridge and taking pictures of the flowers. My new camera takes such wonderful pictures. We then walked around the town and visited a few potters, a quilt studio (I was so jealous!) and an artists showcase. Such inspiration! On the way home I stopped at a quilt shop just up the street from the town- and who could resist? Of course I spent money! But then the power went off, a tremendous rain storm came by and I was stuck inside the shop. It was raining so hard I couldn't see my car. So, after the power came back, I shopped some more! What was one to do?
What a great day.