Sunday, August 30, 2009

I have been traveling in Pennsylvania this past week for work. What quilter doesn't love Amish country? I saw the greatest sign on my travels: it was a hand painted sign for Quilts, Crafts and Pigeons.

Happy quilting

Monday, August 24, 2009

Computers- friend or foe?

So yesterday was one of those days. After having so much fun on Saturday quilt shopping, of course Sunday had to present a challenge.

Remember the new computer? Well, I do love it but right now, I am still working between two computers until I move all my files over. And some of the programs don't work with the new computer without an upgrade.... yadda, yadda, yadda.

Anyway, dear hubbie was helping to move files and install programs and he installed the program for my web site, copied over the web site files and tried to upload a new picture. I'll bet you can guess what happened. The site crashed! OK- we thought, no problem, it is still on the old computer , so we will just upload from there. But no! we can't upload from either one!

After many hours and emails to our web host, the site is back and hubby now knows a lot about my web site and pages so maybe I can get him to "help" with it in the future. There are always things to do and not enough hours in the day! Of course, he may regret learning about this program.

There is some fun stuff - I have been working on a new pattern for another shop hop (this one is in NY) and my friend Charmion came over tonight to start testing it. She picked these beautiful Hoffman fabrics and I think it is going to look great. It is a table runner- the one I made is in fall fabrics and hers are for Christmas. I will post some pictures when we get farther along.
Until then....happy quilting!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Today I went for a little quilting R&R. My friend Charmion and I went to 2 of our favorite (of course, we have many favorites!) quilt shops to do a little window shopping, inspiration gathering, etc... What fun! It was just what I needed. At one of the shops- The Yankee Quilter- we visited with our shop owner friends Barb and Cheryl and bought lots of stuff! Charmion had to check out twice!
Then we went to Quilting by the Yard, a shop packed with fabric, jelly rolls and just lots of stuff. More shopping.
They also have 2 versions of the shop hop quilt, Crossroads thru Connecticut, in the shop and they look great. Each one was done in a different colorway and they both looked great.

This is a picture of the lap size Crossroads thru Connecticut quilt hanging at Yankee Quilter.
Can't wait for the shop hop to see all the quilts the shops made.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

This is so cool! I am posting from my new computer! My old one is still working- most of the time, but looking to give up the ghost. So, with some encouragement, I decided to be proactive and not wait until it died and I was in a panic.


So much faster, brighter, just so much fun!

I am off to design, write and play on my new machine!

Have a quilty day!


Saturday, August 8, 2009

I really can't believe it is August already. It doesn't feel like we have had a summer yet! And since I have not had a vacation yet, that may be why! Not to mention the less the traditional summer weather we have had this year.

Tomorrow I am going to NYC to see my son Scott in an improv show at UCB. Sounds like fun! Then when I get home, I have to work on the directions for a new quilt that Elizabeth and I are working on. Actually we are working on multiple quilts at the same time... sometimes I am not sure which one to work on next!

One of the quilts is the shop hop quilt for the CT Shop Hop that starts Sept 12th. The quilt has been done for ages and we are finishing tweaking the pattern directions, but I still have to finish the cover. Not too sure of the shot I want on there.

Another quilt I am working on is called Newspaper. I posted of sneak peak of the block- maybe you can guess why we named it Newspaper? Aren't the fabrics fun? they are from the Essentials line from Studio E Fabrics.
Get out there and enjoy your summer before it's gone!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

I landed on a fun site the other night while trolling around in quilt web land.
It's called Two Creative Studios. they offer some on line classess that look like a lot of fun, and have other neat stuff in their store. They are also doing a summer give away event.

Here's what you can win:
Prize #1: A free online class of your choice. Choose any online or class on demand class we offer at Two Creative Studios.
Prize #2: A goody package of Terri and Sue's hand dyed fabrics.
Prize #3: A goody package of a book from Sue and a Giclee Art print from Terri.
The winners will be chosen on 8/15/09 and will be notified via email. We'll announce all the winners in the next newsletter.

So go log on and sign up for their newsletter. Good luck!