Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wool Market

Last Sunday Jim and I took a break from unpacking and went up to Estes Park to the Wool Market. Jim was a little skeptical at first, but he ended up enjoying it!

There were so many animals to play with. Sheep, goats, rabbits, llamas, alpacas and Paco-vicuñas.
Here is a little sheep I made friends with. Too cute!

And this little rabbit tried to come home with me! Her handler tried to sell her to me and she was hard to resist! She was an English Angora. So fluffy!

The Paco-vicuñas have wonderful, soft wool. They can only be sheared every two years which is why, I assume, their wool is so expensive. Wonderful, but pricey. There was a lovely woven runner that I just coveted.

And the setting up there is gorgeous. The mountains in the distance are just spectacular.

I will post some setting shots another day.

And of course, we stopped at a quilt shop on the way back. There just happened to be one near the little lunch place so of course I had to pay a visit!Quilting Hands in Lyons, Co. Nice place and lots of great fabric. So if you are in that area, be sure to stop there!

In the meantime, I am traveling back to CT this week to see family and friends and then will be driving out to Colorado at the end of the month with my good friend Charmion. Should be an adventure.

And yes, we do plan to stop and see some quilt shops along the way. Any suggestions? We will be going from CT thru Pennsylvania to Columbus, Ohio to see Charmion's daughter. Then heading towards St. Louis, to Kansas City and on to Colorado.

I'll keep you posted!

Happy quilting

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sewing Room

There are many things that I will need to adjust to as we transition to living in Colorado.

The weather. Nice.
Forest fires. Not nice.
Temporarily no job. Nice.
Knowing not a soul out here. Not nice.

New sewing room. Very nice!

When we were looking for places to live, we decided very early on we would start in an apartment. Not knowing the area and only having a few weeks to find something did not lend itself to thoughtful decision making. So, while I was back in CT getting ready to pack up and move, Jim found an apartment. Given there are only two of us living here, management was not sure why we needed three bedrooms!

One for us, one for guests ( we hope family and friends will come visit) and one for sewing of course!

It will be very nice once it is all set up. I have spent the last five days unpacking boxes and moving things around. And lamenting how much "stuff" we have accumulated in the past 30 years. And then when I would need a break, I would go buy more stuff.

Wait, does that even make sense? Actually it does. I bought things like racks for over the toilet to store more stuff. And hooks to hang stuff. And storage for the closet.

I did not even buy food for five days! Mostly because I could not figure out where I was going to put it.

Back to the sewing room. Ahh... Much better. Right now it is chaos.
And if I could upload pictures, I would just for the before and after effect.

We are still in before. I can't wait for after!

But right now, I must go buy more stuff!

Happy quilting