Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Weddings and Etsy

What happenings around here! We have a wedding coming up and I couldn't be more excited! My oldest son, Sean is getting married! Next May! Wow!
His fiance, Rea, is the loveliest girl- we just adore her!

My daughter Alyssa and I are thinking we better get started on a wedding quilt! We don't have much time. We have been talking about maybe doing one of Judy Niemeyer's patterns- one of the Wedding Ring patterns. Of course, that is ambitious.
or I could design something. So many choices.

Any suggestions?

And Alyssa and I just started an Etsy shop. Right now there is just one quilt that is posted.

Isn't it pretty? This quilt was made from our pattern, Mosaic Medley.
I just love the colors.

I hope to post more items soon. There will be items from my personal stash and maybe some items from Seams Like a Dream. Over the years we have created a few extra quilts, bags and stuff as we test patterns.

This quilt, Newpaper, we just donated to Quilts to Basics. We saw a post about it on Pat Sloan's blog. It seemed like such a worthy cause and we thought Newspaper deserved a good home.

It has been so much fun creating quilts to donate- I love using up my stash; I love designing and creating quilts and I love to know that someone else can also enjoy them!

Thursday I am off to Annapolis to visit Elizabeth and do a local shop hop called Quilter's Quest with her and her friend Sharon. I should say, our friend Sharon! We will get to visit 10 shops including Jinny Beyer Studio which we have been talking about going to for a while. Should be fun!

When I get back, I think it will be time for a pre-holiday giveaway. I am debating what it will be so you will have to check back to see what happens!

in the meantime...

Happy quilting!

Saturday, October 22, 2011


What a beautiful day here in CT! Great weather!

Cori responded so her goodies were sent off...
my house is not perfect, but clean enough so I can spend some time today sewing and going for a bike ride...
Elizabeth is off to a football game doing the whole tailgate thing...
a good day!

And, I am starting an ETSY site soon with some quilts and a few FQ bundles. Should be fun!
I'll let you know when it is up and running!

Happy quilting

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Giveaway winner- where are you??

Cori- where are you?

Unfortunately, the giveaway winner, Cori, has not sent me her information yet! And since she is a no reply blogger, I can't email her!

So this is a last appeal to Cori to email me! If I don't hear from her by this Sat, then I will draw another name!

On a good note, I have had this week off from work and I have gotten a few projects started, a few almost finished... It feels great!

I was able to put the binding on two quilts for charity and am just sewing down the other side. I think I need to learn how to machine sew (nicely!) the binding on to both sides. Anybody do that? How do you like it?

I also made of wonderful Mei Tai baby carrier using the pattern from Sew Liberated for a woman at work- grandbaby #2 this year!- and it came out so sweet! I love the colors. And the print is a very soft, adorable flannel- yum!

Without a baby, it is hard to show how cute it is- check out the pattern! It is super easy to make.

This grandbaby is a girl, but I wanted to make it so that it would work for a boy in case there are future siblings!

I'm am also starting a quilt- I saw it on Bloomin Workshop. She did a quilt-a-long a while back and I just loved the quilt. Isn't her quilt gorgeous?

It is called Wild Geese... and I must be crazy for starting this!

Here are some of my fabrics that I have for it. I had collected some plaids ages ago, and I recently grabbed a few more while I was out on the shop hop. I got a few FQs for $1! How cool is that?!

I also picked up a soft, buttery yellow to be the background. I am also making mine bigger- 5 x5 blocks, so 25 in all.

I had to decide how to place the geese within the block- there are a lot of options. Such as this:

I call this option "All In"

or this:

I call this option "Straight Line"

or this:

I call this option "All Out".

And I have decided to go "All Out"! I think that is what I will call this quilt- Going All Out!

It helps if you don't sew them together wrong- and this is only the first block! Sigh!

I better get used to it- I am sure it won't be the last time I do that! My seam ripper and I are best friends!

Here is block #1 all done. Pretty little thing!

Only 24 to go, and a whole lot of extra geese for sashings! I think I need 202 extra geese! Wow! I hope I figured that out wrong!

Happy quilting!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Giveaway on The Other Side of Me Blog

Check out this great giveaway on Anita's blog!

Eight FQs of Kate Spain's Terrain?

Who can resist? Not me!

Happy quilting!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Winner, Winner, Chicken dinner!

Ok- so no one really won a chicken dinner! But we do have a winner of the Frosted Ruler and the mug rug quilt!

Thanks to all who posted- so much fun to hear from everyone.

Drum roll please...
the winner is Cori who wrote" I'd love to try it!".

So Cori, please email me your snail mail address as I don't have your email!
Our email is seamslikeadreamquilts at yahoo dot com.

In other news, my friend Charmion and I made these great asian inspired quilts to donate and we just got them back from the machine quilter. I am going to get them bound today so they can be sent off to their new homes next week.

This is one of the quilts. Isn't it gorgeous?
I know it is hard to see the details...

Here is one of the blocks.
We used a pattern from the book Loose Change
by Claudia Plet and Le Ann Weaver.

And here is another.

The fun part of the story is that the machine quilter, Connie White of Golden Bells Quilting, asked to use the pieced backs we made,(from scraps of the front fabrics) as quilt tops to send to families in Texas who lost their homes in the recent fires. Her daughter is collecting quilts for those families.

So our two quilts suddenly became four! I wish now that I had taken a picture of the backs!

Off to make some binding and gets these quilts to their new homes!

And then this quilt is off to the machine quilter- if I can get Huey off of it! This one is going to go to Texas too!

Thanks again to everyone who posted! I'll do another giveaway soon- I love doing this!

And Cori- don't forget to email me your address!

Happy quilting!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Blog Hops and a giveaway

Do you like blog hops? I do! I think they are so much fun.

Miss Daisy Mae Duke, however, seems less than impressed!

I recently popped about on a blog hop sponsored by Pat Sloan about the new frosted Sullivan's Edge ruler. Have you all tried that one yet?

I haven't tried it, but maybe I will win one and then I can test it out. It is supposed to sharpen your rotary cutter as you cut. (I tried to copy a picture to post... but I had some trouble. So pop on over to Pat's site check it out.)

So the Sullivan's Edge rulers are frosted. Some people like the frosted rulers- they say it is easier to see the lines because the fabric does not show through as much. I have not tried a frosted ruler yet. And, I have one! How crazy is that?

I received this ruler at Quilt Market and somehow it got thrown into the ruler drawer and I only just found it recently. Silly me.

So now I am thinking I will let someone else test it out and tell me how they like frosted rulers. I, obviously, am unworthy and do not deserve this ruler as it has languished in my drawer for far too long and deserves a good home.

So leave me a post about whether you have ever tried a frosted ruler, or if you want to try this one, and I will send the ruler to some more deserving person. And since I don't have too many followers at this point, chances are pretty good you will win!

Of course, if you let me know you posted about my giveaway somewhere or encouraged a friend who came to visit here, I will give you 2 chances to win!

Hmm... I guess I will draw a name on Sat Oct. 8th.

I might even include this cute little mug rug.

I made this because my cousin was going to borrow my Audrey sewing machine when she went to NJ for work for a whole week. She did not want to spend an entire week in a hotel room with nothing to do!

Irene really likes to have a mark on the machine for a 1/4" seam- and even though my machine has a quarter inch foot, it is a generous quarter! So I used these red, green and white scraps to come up with a mark for the perfect 1/4" and I marked it blue tape.

But then I had these little scraps and thought it was a shame to throw them out. So I cut them up, added some more strips and viola! A little mug rug was born!

Off to make another little striped knitting bag and then... who knows!

Happy quilting

10/8/11- comments are now closed! Good Luck!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

The last day of Shop Hopping

Sunday was the last day of the CT Shop Hop. So sad!

Charmion and I headed out with my daughter Alyssa for the last leg of the shop hop! Elizabeth had jumped on the 8am train home so she couldn't come play with us!

First it was off to Quilters Dream in Willimantic. Oh my! I haven't been there is a while- I forgot how dangerous it is. We managed to pick up some fabric, patterns for really cute stuffed animals... fun, fun, fun!

And they had the sunflower block. Nice job!

Next it was off Colchester. We drove over the river and thru the woods.... to Colchester Fabric Mill we went!I have never been to this fabric shop before- what a great spot! All sorts for fabrics- not just quilting fabric, but all sorts of stuff. Fun stuff!

And what do you think of their shop hop quilt? Isn't it great? I love how she used the blocks, broke up the pieces of each block and scattered them around the quilt. You can't see it but the moon and some stars are in the upper left corner. So creative! Wow!

Then we hit the road and traveled to
Close to Home in Glastonbury.

Isn't their block sharp? Love the fabrics they picked! And they were selling kits for it.

Then Alyssa abandoned us (for the boyfriend- silly girl!) and we traveled to Quilter's Cove in Durham. I always find fun things here.
And I was done!
The whole shop hop! Yea!

But Charmion still had one shop left. So we were on the way, trying to get to Yankee Cloth before our time ran out! We traveled across Durham into Wallingford, driving thru sections I had never seen. Part of the fun this weekend has been seeing the state. We often chose the route thru the countryside instead of driving all highways and it was great! And Sunday was just a beautiful day for a drive.

Made it! We got to Yankee Cloth at 3:30- perfect! Just enough time to shop before the shop hop was officially over.

I know it was a lot of work for the shops- and it was a lot of work on my wallet. But is was really a great time! And we were so excited to be a small part of it!

I hope that those of you who traveled the state to visit all these great quilt shops had as much fun as we did!

Off to sew- I have a lot of new projects to work on!

happy quilting...

Saturday, September 17, 2011

More shop hopping!

Wow! We have been having so much fun!
Elizabeth came up from Annapolis to visit some of the shops with me. Friday we got in the car and first went into New Haven to Knit New Haven. I know, they are not on the shop hop, but we had a lot of fun!

Then we headed up to Dot's since I forgot to take pictures there- isn't the apple block great?

And here are their other blocks.

She decided to make them into a couple of smaller quilts.

And she had the best apples- I just got my braces off Wed after 2 years so it was my first apple in 2 years! Yumm!

Then we popped over to Yankee Cloth in Wallingford. What a great shop- I have been working on the Civil War blocks that Barbara Brackman posts each Sat on her website- and they have such a great selection!
This is their quilt. I love seeing everyone's quilts!

We had a great day.

Today (Sat), Elizabeth, Charmion and I went on a cross country trek. First it was off to Yankee Quilter to visit our very good friends Barb and Cheryl. Who doesn't love them and their shop? I am there often, so you wouldn't think that I could find any new stuff to get but I never walk away empty handed! And neither did Elizabeth or Charmion! They picked up kits for a great pumpkin block.

And doesn't their block look great? The grapes look just perfect on the shop hop fabric as the background.

Then it was off the Thomaston and The Fabric Bug. It was our first time there- they were so friendly and what a fun shop. Love their quilt!

Then we drove to New Milford to check out Quilter's Corner. Becky's shop always has a ton fat quarters- and of course, we picked up a few goodies there as well. Here is her block.

From there we traveled down to Danbury and popped in at the Fabric Tree. They did something different with their block- they put is on a bucket bag! How fun is that? I can't wait to make one of these! And I won a bag of fusible batting- Fusi-Boo by Fairfield. That will be a lot of fun to try.

(And I know the picture is turned- I can't seem to fix it.)

And then it was down to Ridgefield and Quilter's Alley. Their block is on the shop hop fabric as well- so cute!You should see the cute pattern and fabric Charmion got there!

Every shop is so different- and we were able to find treasures at each spot. Fabric, patterns, tools... This had been a great adventure!

Tomorrow we are off to a few more shops- not sure if we can make it to all of them as we have some other obligations, but we will get to a couple at least!

Happy quilting!
Kate and Elizabeth

Sunday, September 11, 2011

First Weekend of the Shop Hop

So.. the shop hop has begun! We had a lot of fun! Yesterday we only went to one shop because we did not have much time to play- so we went to Close to Home in Orange. They made the whole shop hop quilt and it looks great!

Today we visited 5 shops. First we went to Dot's Quilt Shop in Prospect. It is the cutest shop and the ladies are so nice. They are also giving away a cute pin cushion- you get to pick your own but they are all made out of dot fabric! So sweet!

I forgot to take a picture of her block:( I will have to go back! And what did I buy? Fabric with dots! A great blue by Lakehouse.

Then we headed up to close to Home in Southington. Love their new location- so bright and open. They had the Charter Oak block.

Then it was on to Lisa's Clover Hill. Always fun to go there- I never walk away empty handed! she has made the whole quilt too- and she had the corn block! Love the corn fabric she used- she even ordered it to have to give away and it is all already gone! I managed to take a few of the scraps!

Then we drove up to Sew Inspired in Simsbury. of course, we had to have lunch at Peaberry's. Their soups and sandwiches are wonderful. Sew Inspired also made the whole quilt and they used all solids in the blocks and the only print was the border. What a great look!Both Charmion and I got some fun pear fabric by Riley Blake... oh the projects we will make!

And then we flew down the road to Quilting by the Yard in Vernon! They have two quilts displayed- mine and then Caroline's made using a completely different setting. I just love her quilt!

and of course, we can't visit a quilt shop and not pick up a few things...

And then it was on to home, planning all the great projects we are going to work on! What a great adventure!

Can't wait for next weekend!

Happy quilting

Saturday, August 13, 2011

CT Shop Hop 2011!

Look who is helping me post this entry! Miss Daisy Mae Duke is making it a little hard to type as my right hand is pinned down! My hand is making sure my little "pear shaped" kitty doesn't fall off my lap! Of course, hubby says to just dump her off, but I feel bad- she is so cute!

The CT Quilt Shop Hop 2011 is going to begin in a few weeks- 16 quilts shops in Connecticut are participating and it should be a really fun time! Of course, I am prejudiced. My favorite shops will all be participating and I designed the quilt for the shop hop! So, yeah, I am a little biased!

The hop starts September 8th and goes thru the 18th. At each shop, you will receive the directions for one of the blocks in the quilt. Some of the blocks are pieced and some are applique. For those of you who do not normally do applique, they can all be fused down- so easy peasey! Here is a preview of one of the blocks- Charter Oak.

The quilt is on display right now at one of the participating shops- Quilting by the Yard in Vernon. Laura at the shop did the machine quilting on the quilt- an amazing job too!

Most of the shops will be making their block. And some are making their own version of the whole quilt- so many possibilities! I can't wait to see what everyone does!

And a big Thank You! to Caroline Berman who tested the quilt blocks- she is great and you should see what she did with the blocks! Her quilt is hanging at Quilting by the Yard so be sure to check it out!

I am currently working on a table runner with the shop hop fabric and batik fabrics. I just love the border print I chose! Very different style from the fabrics in the quilt- which just makes it that much more fun! I haven't quite decided on the blocks I will use yet-I will post when it is done.

So, the rest of the shops are (in no particular order, rhyme or reason!):
The Yankee Quilter in Oxford
Lisa's Clover Hill Quilts in Berlin
Dot's Quilt Shop in Prospect
Close to Home- in Glastonbury, Orange and Southington
Quilter's Cove in Durham
Sew Inspired Quilt Shop in Simsbury
Colchester Fabric Mills in Colchester
Fabric Tree in Danbury
Quilter's Corner- in the Red Barn in New Milford
Yankee Cloth in Wallingford
Quilter's Dream in Willimantic
The Fabric Bug in Thomaston
Quilter's Alley in Ridgefield

What a great list! And there are a lot of other fun things to do as you shop hop- fun places to eat lunch, or breakfast, or dinner, great craft and knitting shops along the way. So make a day of it- actually make a bunch of days and have a great time!

See you on the road!

Let's go to the hop!

The CT Shop Hop that is!

Happy quilting!

Monday, May 30, 2011


Can you believe it's June! What a rainy spring. The last few days here, after the storm that created the tornado in Springfield came thru, have been lovely! But what a mess in Springfield! Terrible! Unlike the midwest, we don't get tornados very often, thank goodness!

Memorial Day weekend was fun- on Sunday it was very nice afternoon and my cousin had a graduation party for her daughter. What fun to see cousins I have not seen in years! And the kittens took advantage of the sun to nap! They are getting so big- they are now a year old. And trouble! but sooo cute!

Monday, I had the chance to do a little sewing since the rain was keeping me inside. My friend Charmion and I went shopping Saturday- a quilt store in the area is closing- sad :( but it meant we got some great deals! It is amazing what you can talk yourself into at 50% off! We almost bought a serger! Good thing they were only taking cash and we only brought so much money with us!!

That's just some of the booty!

This past week, we decided to try a technique, using the Lil' Twister. We wanted to see how it went. Have you tried it? It was fun and I like how the block came out.

The challenge was to use up scraps. Charmion did better than me because her blocks were all from her scraps.I decided to use a charm pack called Decadent Victorian- from a few years ago and I had a coordinating stripe fabric that could be the border. But I needed backgrounds. And nothing from my stash worked. Probably because these are not my usual colors! so, I had to do a little shopping!

Since we were only making a table runner, we made a four patch and then surrounded it with a border. It went a little faster for me because I started with charm squares, so I didn't have to cut my four patch pieces, I could just sew them together.

And then you cut using the tool!

You keep cutting across the block, and then on the next row...

And then after you cut , you sew the pieces back together into a block. Cute!

I have blocks with a light background as well- i will use those in the table runner and the blocks with the dark background will be the placemats! I decided this is a present for... well i can't say yet! that would spoil the surprise. I hope she likes it!

I wish I had a picture of Charmion's. She used yellow and blue- a really vibrant blue for the background. Very French Country looking- gorgeous!

And I have made a few more Civil War blocks. Here are just two of them- I made 5 or 6! So, I am almost caught back up!

Today, Charmion and I are going to start some scrap quilts- we have picked a few patterns and we are digging thru the stashes for fabrics. Both of us want to decrease the stash. We need to make room for our latest shopping gems!

So, more to come after the sewing bee today!

That's the poop scoop!

Happy quilting!