Sunday, September 26, 2010

Another Giveaway

Pop on over to Millie's Quilting- she is having a giveaway- for an AccuQuilt Go! cutter! How fun is that! I hear great things about them and I often think it would be so much fun to have another tool (toy???) in my sewing room.

Quilt Market-
Elizabeth and I have been working like crazy to get ready. Add to that, Elizabeth is moving in a couple of weeks from Syracuse NY to Annapolis MD. What timing!
So it's been a busy weekend: piecing, quilting, printing... This weekend I have quilted 3 small banners and a table runner. Now I am getting the bindings on. They are so cute!
I'll post a picture next time.

Happy quilting

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Happy Days

I have two giveaways to tell you about! What fun! First is on Wendy's blog Why Knot?. She is giving away some really cute fall fabric so hop on over before next Thursday, Sept 23.

The other fun giveaway is happening on It Seams to be Sew- what a cute name by the way- and Lana is giving away a very sweet Honey Bun from Moda. The fabric is from Blackbird designs called Beach House. Head over that way soon- her giveaway is until Sept 26 and she will draw a winner Sept 27th.

Wow. What's next??

Well, I have been working on a lot of new designs. Elizabeth and I are going to the Fall Quilt Market in Houston in October so there is a lot to do! We are very excited-we are doing a schoolhouse about some of our new designs. So I guess another sneak peek is in order. Hmmmm... what to post?

After all, we are working on at least 6 patterns all at once! Silliness!

So here is peek number one: a test block from a new pattern called Lighter than Air.

What I like about it is that the little green triangles are floppy!

And peek number two: a new bag pattern called Girls Day Out. Really cute!

The countdown begins: 41 days to Market
Happy quilting

Sunday, September 5, 2010

New things

New kittens. New fabric to play with. New patterns. Don't you just love new stuff?

The kittens invaded the sewing room the other day. Huey was looking for attention. This little guy is an attention hog! He just wants to be cuddled. And maybe nibble a little on your arm. or face. He is quite the talker!

And Daisy is just looking for trouble. She is a little more cautious around people, but she is the explorer. She climbs onto shelves, into cabinets, on top of tables. I am waiting for her to scale walls next! She climbed into a fabric basket on a sehlf in my sewing room. She seemed quite content to hang out but I knew that wouldn't last long!

She soon dicovered the hanging tags and thought they were so much fun!

The big girl, Lily, was not to be left out. She won't get near the kittens yet- except to hiss at them, but she found a way to be involved in the sewing as well! Funny how the two girls look for their little cozy spot- they both like boxes, baskets, etc to curl up in. Huey just wants a lap!

And while the kittens were exploring, I was trying to sew! I just finsihed up part of a new pattern- I posted a little peak a few weeks ago of one piece... here are the little mini quilts in the pattern. Aren't they cute?

The pattern should be out in the next couple of weeks. These little quilts are 6" x 12" and designed to hang on a small hanger from Akfeld. I am just waiting to get the hanger so I can take a picture with it for the pattern cover. I just love them!

Happy quilting