Monday, May 30, 2011


Can you believe it's June! What a rainy spring. The last few days here, after the storm that created the tornado in Springfield came thru, have been lovely! But what a mess in Springfield! Terrible! Unlike the midwest, we don't get tornados very often, thank goodness!

Memorial Day weekend was fun- on Sunday it was very nice afternoon and my cousin had a graduation party for her daughter. What fun to see cousins I have not seen in years! And the kittens took advantage of the sun to nap! They are getting so big- they are now a year old. And trouble! but sooo cute!

Monday, I had the chance to do a little sewing since the rain was keeping me inside. My friend Charmion and I went shopping Saturday- a quilt store in the area is closing- sad :( but it meant we got some great deals! It is amazing what you can talk yourself into at 50% off! We almost bought a serger! Good thing they were only taking cash and we only brought so much money with us!!

That's just some of the booty!

This past week, we decided to try a technique, using the Lil' Twister. We wanted to see how it went. Have you tried it? It was fun and I like how the block came out.

The challenge was to use up scraps. Charmion did better than me because her blocks were all from her scraps.I decided to use a charm pack called Decadent Victorian- from a few years ago and I had a coordinating stripe fabric that could be the border. But I needed backgrounds. And nothing from my stash worked. Probably because these are not my usual colors! so, I had to do a little shopping!

Since we were only making a table runner, we made a four patch and then surrounded it with a border. It went a little faster for me because I started with charm squares, so I didn't have to cut my four patch pieces, I could just sew them together.

And then you cut using the tool!

You keep cutting across the block, and then on the next row...

And then after you cut , you sew the pieces back together into a block. Cute!

I have blocks with a light background as well- i will use those in the table runner and the blocks with the dark background will be the placemats! I decided this is a present for... well i can't say yet! that would spoil the surprise. I hope she likes it!

I wish I had a picture of Charmion's. She used yellow and blue- a really vibrant blue for the background. Very French Country looking- gorgeous!

And I have made a few more Civil War blocks. Here are just two of them- I made 5 or 6! So, I am almost caught back up!

Today, Charmion and I are going to start some scrap quilts- we have picked a few patterns and we are digging thru the stashes for fabrics. Both of us want to decrease the stash. We need to make room for our latest shopping gems!

So, more to come after the sewing bee today!

That's the poop scoop!

Happy quilting!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

May Giveaway Winner!

Wasn't that fun??? I loved going to all the blogs and seeing what everyone is doing, and entering all their giveaways! Boy can you spend a lot of time reading everyone's blog!

So onto the really important part- the winner!
Well, since we had so many responses, I decided to give away all three sets of fabrics! Woohoo!

So, now there is a grand prize, and second and third prize.

Drum roll.....

The grand prize which will include the fabric, vinyl, zippers, pattern for the wallet and the "goodie" bag of little stuff goes to Gina who said "Great giveaway! I would love to get any pink/purple fabrics. :)" Congrats Gina!

Second prize which will include the fabric, the vinyl and the pattern for the wallet goes to MamaPPod who said "Cool giveaway! I am leaning towards blue, but could live with green. I have little girls who would love the purple and pink...but I am the mom and I am in charge and I say blue! (Can you tell it's been sort of a long day?)".
So Mama, since I remember the long days with little ones... I will include a little purple and pink fabric for the girls too!

Third prize which will include the fabrics, vinyl and the pattern for the wallets goes to Charlotte who said "The green is calling my name. I'd love to learn how to make my own little pouch,". Congrats Charlotte!

I will be sending emails to the winners. What fun!

Thanks you to everyone who entered our giveaway- I know you had a lot of places to visit during the May Giveaway Day and we are honored you spent a little time with us!

Come again!
Happy Quilting

p.s. to Libby- our Libby is the blond; Kate is the brunette!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

May Giveaway Day!

So today is the May Giveaway Day! When I saw the post about it on Sew Mama Sew, it sounded like a great idea; checking out different blogs, signing up to win stuff! What's not to like about that?

It was so hard to choose what to make as my giveaway. I have this cute, country looking set of 2 pot holders and a hot pad. Hmmm, that might be nice!

Or... I have a cute set of coasters that I made. Those could be fun.

Or... Choices! Choices!

In the end though, I decided to give away something to make. That is the best part- making things! So in the spirit of making things, I am giving away one of our patterns to make your own adorable wallet along with the fabric, vinyl and zipper. It is super easy!

This is what one of mine looks like. They really are quick and fun and they make great gifts. The pattern comes with directions for a little coin purse as well, so I will make sure you have enough stuff to make both.

Here are some of the fabric options I have been auditioning. I may play some more before the final package goes out!

And because, while making the things is really the fun part, it is always nice to receive something made by someone else! So, I will also include a little bag I made and I will fill it with some goodies.

So here's what you do. Leave a post and let me know if you want to win the pack with the blue fabrics, the green fabrics or with the pink and purple fabrics.
And make sure I know how to get back to you. On May 26th, I will pull a name, probably from a hat. (I know there is the whole random generator thing; I like pulling a name.)

Comments are now CLOSED! Good Luck!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Mug Rugs and May Giveaway

After following the Mug Rug Madness a few weeks ago, I decided to try to make a few mug rugs. They seemed so quick and easy! I ended up making them for my book club friends. We met last night and I gave them all their little presents!

It was such fun! I tried to coordinate each mug rug to the person. This one was for Augusta; she has a lot of green and leaf motifs in her house.

This was for Charmion; it just fits!

And this was Jackie's- she seemed to really like it!

And Louise has a lot of blue dishes and things in her home.

Last, but not least, this was Diane's. Diane goes to Nantucket every summer, so I thought something that reminder her of the water would be perfect.

As they say in Peter Pan, That was a great adventure!

Now off to another project... I am working on finishing a pattern. I designed it ages ago, and had it half done and now the push is on to finish as I am teaching it as a class in a few weeks! So I am testing the "quilt" size instructions. this is the banner in the pattern.

I am taking the top block of the banner and creating a quilt. I decided to try to use some of my "stash" instead of buying all new. So I found a green and pink that I got many years ago when a local quilt was closing. I went to one my favorite local shops and got a blue to go with it. So we will see how it works! It's kind of fun to try it in colors that are so different from the original banner.

Oh- and was are participating in the May Giveaway Day
sponsored by Sew Mama Sew!
So come back on Monday for the giveaway!

Happy quilting!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

I went a little crazy!

So, you know how when some people are depressed, they do a little retail therapy? Well, that is what I did this weekend! Fabric retail therapy!

I still don't have much of a voice and it's really driving me a little bonkers. So I went and played at a few quilt shops this weekend and I now have mutiple projects going!

Don't these look like fun?

I could not resist this cute group of fabrics. They have the greatest aniaml images- fun and funky. Now I just have to figure out what kind of quilt I am going to make with them.

And these... fun! fun! fun! My friend Charmion and I made ourselves feel better about our shopping by splitting up the stack and each taking half. Too cute!

I just love those little elephants!

Now this one I bought with a project in mind but... I made need more. So I better figure out what goes where and I how much I need soon! This red and turquoise combo is a hot one lately.

I bought a few more things but I will save them for another time.

Oh- and I recently bought a new cutting mat- mine old one had the wobbles. (You know, when someone accidentally puts a hot cup of tea on a mat and it never lays flat again!) So, after a few years, I had a coupon and finally treated myself to a new one.

New cutting mat, new rotary blade in the cutter... I'm in heaven!

Happy quilting!

Sunday, May 8, 2011


Happy Mother's Day to all mom's out there!

How are you all? It has been a while since I posted; I have had no voice for weeks now. All this winter and spring I have been fighting allergies and when that happens I lose my voice. It's been gone, on and off, for weeks. The last 2 1/2 weeks straight.

What does this have to do with posting? When I lose my actual voice, I sometimes feel like I've lost my voice- meaning my ability to communicate at all. Silly I know! But it is very hard to constantly be without your ability to speak; I can talk, just no one can hear me!

So today, voice or no voice, I am letting my voice be heard!

On a fun side,I am finally catching up with my Civil War blocks. I made 6 yesterday! Aren't they great?
This is block #9- Birds in the Air:

This is block #12- Louisiana:

This is block #14- Fox and Geese:

This is block 10- Lincoln's Platform:

This is Block 11- London Square:

Well, almost all of London Square- the bottom got shopped off- only in the picture! The block is fine!

There are two more but the camera has decided to stop working. Oh well. You get the idea. I have been so behind because of the shop hop quilt- which I can not wait to get back from Laura at Quilting by the Yard. She offered to quilt it for me and I am so excited to see it quilted!

I have been thinking about getting a quilting machine. Not a huge long arm- nowhere in the house for that! But maybe a Sweet Sixteen or something else... any thoughts out there? Something that fits in a small space. Not sure what space in my home that will be, but I will figure something out!

Spent some time shopping... fabric, clothes, shoes... with my daughter- what a great way to spend Mother's Day! Who needs to talk?

Happy quilting