Thursday, September 22, 2011

The last day of Shop Hopping

Sunday was the last day of the CT Shop Hop. So sad!

Charmion and I headed out with my daughter Alyssa for the last leg of the shop hop! Elizabeth had jumped on the 8am train home so she couldn't come play with us!

First it was off to Quilters Dream in Willimantic. Oh my! I haven't been there is a while- I forgot how dangerous it is. We managed to pick up some fabric, patterns for really cute stuffed animals... fun, fun, fun!

And they had the sunflower block. Nice job!

Next it was off Colchester. We drove over the river and thru the woods.... to Colchester Fabric Mill we went!I have never been to this fabric shop before- what a great spot! All sorts for fabrics- not just quilting fabric, but all sorts of stuff. Fun stuff!

And what do you think of their shop hop quilt? Isn't it great? I love how she used the blocks, broke up the pieces of each block and scattered them around the quilt. You can't see it but the moon and some stars are in the upper left corner. So creative! Wow!

Then we hit the road and traveled to
Close to Home in Glastonbury.

Isn't their block sharp? Love the fabrics they picked! And they were selling kits for it.

Then Alyssa abandoned us (for the boyfriend- silly girl!) and we traveled to Quilter's Cove in Durham. I always find fun things here.
And I was done!
The whole shop hop! Yea!

But Charmion still had one shop left. So we were on the way, trying to get to Yankee Cloth before our time ran out! We traveled across Durham into Wallingford, driving thru sections I had never seen. Part of the fun this weekend has been seeing the state. We often chose the route thru the countryside instead of driving all highways and it was great! And Sunday was just a beautiful day for a drive.

Made it! We got to Yankee Cloth at 3:30- perfect! Just enough time to shop before the shop hop was officially over.

I know it was a lot of work for the shops- and it was a lot of work on my wallet. But is was really a great time! And we were so excited to be a small part of it!

I hope that those of you who traveled the state to visit all these great quilt shops had as much fun as we did!

Off to sew- I have a lot of new projects to work on!

happy quilting...

Saturday, September 17, 2011

More shop hopping!

Wow! We have been having so much fun!
Elizabeth came up from Annapolis to visit some of the shops with me. Friday we got in the car and first went into New Haven to Knit New Haven. I know, they are not on the shop hop, but we had a lot of fun!

Then we headed up to Dot's since I forgot to take pictures there- isn't the apple block great?

And here are their other blocks.

She decided to make them into a couple of smaller quilts.

And she had the best apples- I just got my braces off Wed after 2 years so it was my first apple in 2 years! Yumm!

Then we popped over to Yankee Cloth in Wallingford. What a great shop- I have been working on the Civil War blocks that Barbara Brackman posts each Sat on her website- and they have such a great selection!
This is their quilt. I love seeing everyone's quilts!

We had a great day.

Today (Sat), Elizabeth, Charmion and I went on a cross country trek. First it was off to Yankee Quilter to visit our very good friends Barb and Cheryl. Who doesn't love them and their shop? I am there often, so you wouldn't think that I could find any new stuff to get but I never walk away empty handed! And neither did Elizabeth or Charmion! They picked up kits for a great pumpkin block.

And doesn't their block look great? The grapes look just perfect on the shop hop fabric as the background.

Then it was off the Thomaston and The Fabric Bug. It was our first time there- they were so friendly and what a fun shop. Love their quilt!

Then we drove to New Milford to check out Quilter's Corner. Becky's shop always has a ton fat quarters- and of course, we picked up a few goodies there as well. Here is her block.

From there we traveled down to Danbury and popped in at the Fabric Tree. They did something different with their block- they put is on a bucket bag! How fun is that? I can't wait to make one of these! And I won a bag of fusible batting- Fusi-Boo by Fairfield. That will be a lot of fun to try.

(And I know the picture is turned- I can't seem to fix it.)

And then it was down to Ridgefield and Quilter's Alley. Their block is on the shop hop fabric as well- so cute!You should see the cute pattern and fabric Charmion got there!

Every shop is so different- and we were able to find treasures at each spot. Fabric, patterns, tools... This had been a great adventure!

Tomorrow we are off to a few more shops- not sure if we can make it to all of them as we have some other obligations, but we will get to a couple at least!

Happy quilting!
Kate and Elizabeth

Sunday, September 11, 2011

First Weekend of the Shop Hop

So.. the shop hop has begun! We had a lot of fun! Yesterday we only went to one shop because we did not have much time to play- so we went to Close to Home in Orange. They made the whole shop hop quilt and it looks great!

Today we visited 5 shops. First we went to Dot's Quilt Shop in Prospect. It is the cutest shop and the ladies are so nice. They are also giving away a cute pin cushion- you get to pick your own but they are all made out of dot fabric! So sweet!

I forgot to take a picture of her block:( I will have to go back! And what did I buy? Fabric with dots! A great blue by Lakehouse.

Then we headed up to close to Home in Southington. Love their new location- so bright and open. They had the Charter Oak block.

Then it was on to Lisa's Clover Hill. Always fun to go there- I never walk away empty handed! she has made the whole quilt too- and she had the corn block! Love the corn fabric she used- she even ordered it to have to give away and it is all already gone! I managed to take a few of the scraps!

Then we drove up to Sew Inspired in Simsbury. of course, we had to have lunch at Peaberry's. Their soups and sandwiches are wonderful. Sew Inspired also made the whole quilt and they used all solids in the blocks and the only print was the border. What a great look!Both Charmion and I got some fun pear fabric by Riley Blake... oh the projects we will make!

And then we flew down the road to Quilting by the Yard in Vernon! They have two quilts displayed- mine and then Caroline's made using a completely different setting. I just love her quilt!

and of course, we can't visit a quilt shop and not pick up a few things...

And then it was on to home, planning all the great projects we are going to work on! What a great adventure!

Can't wait for next weekend!

Happy quilting