Sunday, January 29, 2012

We have great Customers!

We just have the greatest customers! We have always received such nice feedback from our customers- that's why we love doing what we do!

Recently, as a Thank You for helping a her with something, a customer sent Elizabeth this cute towel and washcloth set that she crocheted herself! Was that sweet or what?

Aren't they lovely? Thank You Joy!

So many projects... so little time! Don't we all fell that way sometimes? usually I can post what I am working on, but right now I can't!

However I can post a picture of an upcoming banner to be added to our series, It's the BOMB! It will be the "January" banner. I put it in " " because with this banner series, we are not making them holiday related. Well, most aren't.

Our "February" banner, Little Bits of Love, has hearts. So we did not keep entirely to that plan.

But the rest of them while they have a nod to the month and the season, they are not "holiday" themed.

Like our March banner- Lighter than Air. No shamrocks (though we have a great shamrock pattern!) but a nod to March and the idea of flying kites. Fun!

But back to the Jan banner. Here is the prototype.

Cute, right?

But.... what do we call it?

And the fabrics I played with are really great.

Three of the fabrics are from the Northcott line,
Snow Queen by Ro Gregg.

And the dark blue is from the line Bear Essentials by P&B Textiles.

The pattern is going to have a runner and a quilt with two different blocks. I have enough of this fabric to make the runner. Elizabeth is trying out the quilt. Can't wait to see what she uses!

So in the meantime, any ideas on the name?

Happy quilting

Monday, January 16, 2012

Projects and the New Year

What a new year! I have been so busy since November- getting ready for the holidays etc...

How were your holidays?

This is how the kittens spent New Years Day
Here's Daisy...

And here is Lily...

And Huey...

Weren't they ambitious!

2012 has been busy so far. Alyssa and I started the wedding quilt- can't show you pictures till it's done and the bride and groom have seen it!

I had a little minor knee surgery a few days ago but that didn't stop us from starting some destruction in the house. Hopefully it will be put all back together soon!

At least before the wedding shower!

And nothing like a little kick in the pants to get some projects done! In 2005, Elizabeth and I published a quilt we called Simply Sunflowers. I have made two or three of this cute quilt and there is one that my daughter has taken on trips when she was a student.

My original quilt was sold at a quilt show a few years ago but I had already started a new version, so it was OK. Only that quilt has been sitting around, half done, for years. Years.

The entire top is pieced.

The applique shapes are cut out.

The backing is pieced.
The binding is cut and pressed.

What was I waiting for??

I know what happened- I was seduced by new projects and I left poor old Sunflower behind.

But, luckily, Marianne at Quadrille Quilting asked me to teach Simply Sunflowers as a class! So, out of the unfinished pile it came.

Class #1 is this Saturday and we are going to put the pedal to the medal and piece some blocks! I can't wait to see what fabrics everyone picked for their sunflower quilt.

So I am off to baste the top and get it quilted. Can't show up at class not prepared!

On another note, we have posted a few new things to the Etsy shop. I have made a bunch of these cute bags- I call them Stuffies.

They are meant to be stuffed with stuff. I have one that I use for my knitting- it has the cutest sheep fabric! Then I have another that I use to corral my phone cords- I have two cell phones- one personal and one for work. Crazy world we live in!

This new stuffie that I put in the shop is the perfect size for an iPad! Who knew? I didn't when I made it- just a fortunate coincidence. Of course, I just love it- hard to let it go. But it just gives me an excuse to make another one! Making them is the fun part.

happy quilting!