Friday, April 10, 2009

Have you ever started a project and it kept getting bigger and bigger and took over your life? I'll bet you thought I was talking about a quilt project! How about a home project? What started out many months ago (like in the fall) as a "one room replace the carpet" project has turned into a whole downstairs renovation mess! I miss my real sink, the dishwasher but the thing I miss the most is the garbage disposal. We are currently washing the dishes in a plastic overflow sink.

What does this have to do with quilting? Ever notice how your environment can influence you? We usually hear about the breathtaking sunset or the amazing landscape that inspired a design, a color scheme or just the creative process.

Environment can also have a negative impact. Because our little renovation includes most of the first floor (literally- we replaced all the flooring!), the whole house is still a mess. The are no picutres on the walls, the rooms are not back to gether, there is stuff everywhere including the garage, the basement, the kids' rooms (if they try to come from college for the weekend, we will have to clear them a space!). It is a little overwhelming, almost depressing. It looks like we have lived here for 2 months not 13 years. So I think this weekend a little decorating and stuff management is in order. Maybe then my house will be an environment that supports the creative muse, not one that seems to suck the life out of it! Wish me luck!

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