Thursday, September 22, 2011

The last day of Shop Hopping

Sunday was the last day of the CT Shop Hop. So sad!

Charmion and I headed out with my daughter Alyssa for the last leg of the shop hop! Elizabeth had jumped on the 8am train home so she couldn't come play with us!

First it was off to Quilters Dream in Willimantic. Oh my! I haven't been there is a while- I forgot how dangerous it is. We managed to pick up some fabric, patterns for really cute stuffed animals... fun, fun, fun!

And they had the sunflower block. Nice job!

Next it was off Colchester. We drove over the river and thru the woods.... to Colchester Fabric Mill we went!I have never been to this fabric shop before- what a great spot! All sorts for fabrics- not just quilting fabric, but all sorts of stuff. Fun stuff!

And what do you think of their shop hop quilt? Isn't it great? I love how she used the blocks, broke up the pieces of each block and scattered them around the quilt. You can't see it but the moon and some stars are in the upper left corner. So creative! Wow!

Then we hit the road and traveled to
Close to Home in Glastonbury.

Isn't their block sharp? Love the fabrics they picked! And they were selling kits for it.

Then Alyssa abandoned us (for the boyfriend- silly girl!) and we traveled to Quilter's Cove in Durham. I always find fun things here.
And I was done!
The whole shop hop! Yea!

But Charmion still had one shop left. So we were on the way, trying to get to Yankee Cloth before our time ran out! We traveled across Durham into Wallingford, driving thru sections I had never seen. Part of the fun this weekend has been seeing the state. We often chose the route thru the countryside instead of driving all highways and it was great! And Sunday was just a beautiful day for a drive.

Made it! We got to Yankee Cloth at 3:30- perfect! Just enough time to shop before the shop hop was officially over.

I know it was a lot of work for the shops- and it was a lot of work on my wallet. But is was really a great time! And we were so excited to be a small part of it!

I hope that those of you who traveled the state to visit all these great quilt shops had as much fun as we did!

Off to sew- I have a lot of new projects to work on!

happy quilting...

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