Sunday, November 23, 2008

New stuff

Isn't it fun to work on new stuff? I often find myself abandoning an old project in favor of a new one. Does that mean I have quilt ADD? Often I have 2 or 3 or more projects in the works at once. I say that is because they are all in different stages of development and I can sew, or write or design depending on my mood. I think I have made some good excuses for the fact that I am fickle. A project that had me going great guns last week may get left behind for a new one this week. Luckily my quilt fickleness is not a statement about my whole life- I have been married 26 years (is that possible? Does that mean I am old?) and have worked as a nurse in home care for almost that long. Though, I have moved around to different agencies. Oh well. Nobody is perfect!

I leave you with a little taste of what I am currently working on- a quilt design for a shop hop here in CT. (Of course I was supposed to be working on finishing a tote bag pattern but the fabric from this quilt was calling me!)
Keep quilting! Kate

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