Sunday, January 11, 2009

What to post??

I can't believe I have not posted in almost 2 months. Part of the problem is that I always worry about what to write. Oh well. No more . I will write about what is going on. yesterday we were supposed to go to Boston to see our son who moved there. But since it was supposed to snow, we decided it was not a good day to travel three hours up and back. So, what to do with time I didn't plan on having?

Well, since my fabric did not come from Northcott yet (I am designing a quilt with their Cambridge Square line and can't wait to start sewing!), I decided to "clean up". I have stuff in my tiny sewing area from many years ago- I still have a quilt magazine from 1983! So, I purged. It was actually great. Sometimes you need to simplify. Too much stuff can just be overwhelming and it feels great to open up some room. It is almost as if, by cleaning up the space, I have cleaned up some creative space internally as well.

Of course, I may have some adjusting to do. I am saver. I have clothes in my attic that I wore when I was 18 years old. My children are now all older than that! And my daughter, who is very small, can't wear any of them. Not only are they out of style, she is a different shape than I was. The same size, just different. So throwing out stuff is hard for me. But it is good. And I have made some space for new stuff! (just don't tell hubby that part!)

Off to make some more space...

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  1. Hi Kate - and Libby too!
    Just stopped by to say hi and catch up. You aren't old - just experienced! Hey, I bet you didn't know that I'm a retired home care OT...the best job I ever had outside of designing patterns.

    Happy New Year!


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