Thursday, October 15, 2009

McCalls Quick Quilts

Yea! We just saw that our quilt, Belle Noelle, is on the cover of the latest McCalls Quick Quilts! Check it out!

We never thought when we sent it in to that it would make the cover. I had a lot of fun designing that quilt. When we first were given the task of designing a holiday quilt, I had no idea off what I wanted to do.

Elizabeth and I talked about a bunch of different ideas until the bells were born. I must have drawn those bells a million times! Okay, a million is an exaggeration, but it seemed like it! I just kept playing until they felt right. I love how it came out!

Our friends at Yankee Quilter will be offering the kit for the project and Ackfeld Manufacturing took a small version of one of their quilt hangers and tweaked it for us! What a great collaboration!

Go to McCalls Quick Quilts and check out our cute little quilt and all the other great quilts in the magazine!

Happy quilting,

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