Sunday, October 11, 2009

Quilt Market

Well this weekend is the annual Fall Quilt Market in Houston Texas. And we should be there. But we are not. There are good reasons why we are not, and these things happen, but still, I am bummed. But I had a pretty good weekend so I thought I would share with you.

On Saturday, my friends at the Southford Falls Quilt Guild had their first quilt show. What fun! They did a great job- there seemed to be lots of people there, there was a beautiful raffle quilt and lots of fun baskets to win. the only problem I can see is that I have yet to get a call about which basket I won! Oh well, I tried.

I also made a baby quilt. I cut it out on Sat morning and then made all the blocks on Saturday afternoon after the show. I used our pattern "Mosaic Medley". I love using that one for baby quilts. I don't make tiny baby quilts. And, it came out so cute! I can't stand it! I used some fabric from the "Safari so Good" fabric line by P&B Textiles- it has these really cute monkeys. It was so funny; a month or so ago I was in PA for work and I stopped to see my daughter. On the way to see her, I stopped at a really nice fabric shop called Piece by Piece Quit Shop in Ephrata, PA. And that's where I saw the monkey fabric. Now I am not a huge monkey fan, but these guys were cute and the dad of the baby -to -be loves monkeys!

Today I put the quilt together. Isn't it too darn cute! I guess it is a little hard to see the fabric...

Here's a close up of the monkeys! And the back is going to be a yellow flannel. So soft!

I also made a bean bag chair for my daughter's dorm room at college. I'd take a picture, but until she fills it with beans, it looks like a lump of fabric!

I also worked on a quilt pattern we are designing for a shop hop in NY. We are going to call it "Pinpoint". I am trying out various colorways- my first one was in fall colors. Yesterday I was adding flower Yo-yo's made with the clover Yo-yo tool on the way to the guild show. What do you think? Aren't they cute?

I am also working on a more Christmas version of the runner. But I will save posting a picture of that one until it is quilted. I basted it today so it is ready for the next step. Off to take a break (and maybe sew a binding on a quilt while I veg in front of the "tube")!

Until another day...

Happy Quilting!



  1. Love the monkey!! It is SO adorable kate!!! Alexis treasures her quilt that you made her so much. She calls it her "Auntie Kate Quilt" and no one else..but me...can use it. When I don't feel well she will ask me if I want to use the Auntie Kate quilt! What a sweetie! cannot wait to see your new christmas creations! Happy quilting my seester. Love u!!

  2. I'd take a picture of the bean bag for you, but my camera charger hasn't gotten here yet! As soon as it does I'll send you one.


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