Sunday, October 10, 2010


I love fall. How can you not? The weather is gorgeous- the days are warm, the nights are cool. The apples are crisp and it just seems to put a spring in my step.
And the colors- changing daily; it just is spectacular.

This weekend I spent most of it sewing- again!- trying to get ready for Quilt Market. 18 days and counting! I did get to take a drive though, to one of my favorite quilt shops- Yankee Quilter. I love the drive there this time of year- I pass lovely wooded areas full of colorful trees; a lake with hills behind it turning every shade of yellow, orange and red. I was so upset that I forgot my camera!

Fall also is a great time for quilting. You can use such rich, deep colors in your quilts. And who doesn't love a quilt with pumpkins on it? or witches? or a scary black cat? I may not be a Halloween lover, but I do love the colors and the decorations for the season!

One of our favorite quilts is Stack O'Jacks. It was featured in McCalls Quilting last year and is a lot of fun to make. The pattern is available and my friends at Yankee Quilter even have kits to make it easy for you to whip one up! It's just what you need to decorate for the season!

Another one of my favorite quilts is Blustery Day. We keep meaning to put this pattern out, but we haven't yet. maybe we will get it ready for next year with some updated fabrics. If anyone knows of a good fabric line for this, let me know.

Back to work- I really got so much done today. So keep watching for a post about our new patterns!

Happy quilting- enjoy my favorite season!


  1. Oh you tease! Love your Blustery Day pattern!! If you were to provide this pattern this year, I'd really enjoy using Sandy Gervais' Awesome line or even Deb Strain's Saltbox Harvest. I'm sure there are many more that would be just as beautiful, but these come off the top of my head. You could share your pattern with a few special followers ... like me for example :) :) :) Beautiful work, ladies!

  2. Wendy,
    Great idea! Thank you for the comment! I am so glad you like Blustery Day! I will get back to you about the pattern!

  3. p.s. love that Awesome line!


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