Monday, May 30, 2011


Can you believe it's June! What a rainy spring. The last few days here, after the storm that created the tornado in Springfield came thru, have been lovely! But what a mess in Springfield! Terrible! Unlike the midwest, we don't get tornados very often, thank goodness!

Memorial Day weekend was fun- on Sunday it was very nice afternoon and my cousin had a graduation party for her daughter. What fun to see cousins I have not seen in years! And the kittens took advantage of the sun to nap! They are getting so big- they are now a year old. And trouble! but sooo cute!

Monday, I had the chance to do a little sewing since the rain was keeping me inside. My friend Charmion and I went shopping Saturday- a quilt store in the area is closing- sad :( but it meant we got some great deals! It is amazing what you can talk yourself into at 50% off! We almost bought a serger! Good thing they were only taking cash and we only brought so much money with us!!

That's just some of the booty!

This past week, we decided to try a technique, using the Lil' Twister. We wanted to see how it went. Have you tried it? It was fun and I like how the block came out.

The challenge was to use up scraps. Charmion did better than me because her blocks were all from her scraps.I decided to use a charm pack called Decadent Victorian- from a few years ago and I had a coordinating stripe fabric that could be the border. But I needed backgrounds. And nothing from my stash worked. Probably because these are not my usual colors! so, I had to do a little shopping!

Since we were only making a table runner, we made a four patch and then surrounded it with a border. It went a little faster for me because I started with charm squares, so I didn't have to cut my four patch pieces, I could just sew them together.

And then you cut using the tool!

You keep cutting across the block, and then on the next row...

And then after you cut , you sew the pieces back together into a block. Cute!

I have blocks with a light background as well- i will use those in the table runner and the blocks with the dark background will be the placemats! I decided this is a present for... well i can't say yet! that would spoil the surprise. I hope she likes it!

I wish I had a picture of Charmion's. She used yellow and blue- a really vibrant blue for the background. Very French Country looking- gorgeous!

And I have made a few more Civil War blocks. Here are just two of them- I made 5 or 6! So, I am almost caught back up!

Today, Charmion and I are going to start some scrap quilts- we have picked a few patterns and we are digging thru the stashes for fabrics. Both of us want to decrease the stash. We need to make room for our latest shopping gems!

So, more to come after the sewing bee today!

That's the poop scoop!

Happy quilting!

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