Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

2011! Happy New Year! I hope you all had a safe and fun New Years eve! We had some friends over and we laughed, and ate and played games and generally had a good time. I hope that is how 2011 will be- filled with family, friends, laughter and good food!

So, have any of you made NYR? (New Years Resolutions?) I am not sure what mine will be this year. I could post the usual, I plan to exercise more, be a better person, finish my UFO's, ...

But that seems so predictable and prosaic.

The problem is, those are all good things to strive for. So, while I search for something more pithy to be my NYR, I will put together a plan for 2011. I do have lots to do this year.

1. Take a vacation to somewhere new. I have not been anywhere new in a while- too busy working and using vacation time to go to Quilt Market! Fun, but it's time for an adventure!

2. Work less. Play more.

3. Hmmm... play more. I like that one.

4. Play more.

In the spirit of play more, I am off to design, sew, read...

A happy and healthy new year to all!

Happy quilting


p.s. I am not calling them UFOs anymore- Kelly over at Charming Chatter has a new phrase- MUFs- Materpieces Under Fermentation! I like it! I am now a MUF girl!


  1. They could be DIPs too Delights in Progress, as they are bound to delight someone! Especially you, when they are finished.


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