Saturday, January 8, 2011


It snowed here yesterday- what a beautiful night! At 11pm, the snow had stopped, the air was so still and the trees were crusted with the heavy wet snow! Don't you just love a night like that? Magical! We tried to take a picture but it did not come out.

There are 8" +++ on the deck- this storm had no wind and the snow is so heavy; the railings are piled high with snow caps.

Don't forget- Today is the last day for the giveaway... very exciting! I have snowman bowls filled with entries. I know I could use an automatic generator thing, but this is more fun!

On another note, I am going to start making a block a week following the Civil War Quilts posted by Barbara Brackman. She is going to post stories and a block every week. Not usually my colors, but I am going to try, and try to use up some of my older fabric in this one. A fun project- check it out!
This is my Block #1.

Off to make Block #2 and then write instructions for the May Quilt in our "It's the BOMB!" series. Baskets. Flowers. Dreaming of spring!

Check out our web site- now would be a fun time to make either of our heart quilts- either Little Bits of Love from the"It's the BOMB!" series or Heart Strings from the "Wall hanging Wednesday" series. Both are a lot of fun!

So many quilts, so little time!
Happy quilting

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  1. How fun! Both the snow and the blocks!! Love to look at the snow, don't like it so much when the work begins to clean it up outside :) If I wasn't already feeling overwhelmed from what I've committed myself to this month, I would be all over your block sew along... those are great!


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