Monday, January 10, 2011

Scott's Quilt

This past summer, my cousin wanted to make a quilt for her daughter Sara's last year in college. She had never made a quilt before. We all sewed as kids, but over the years, with a busy life, she stopped sewing.

So we dragged out her old machine, browsed thru quilting magazines and I designed a quilt for her.

I called it, very original, Sara's Quilt. It came out great by the way! I wish I had a picture to post.

Now I need to make my son Scott a quilt- he reminded us the other day that he still needed a new one. So I am now making Sara's quilt for Scott. I think it will need a new name.

Here are some of the fabrics for the quilt- very masculine. Brown's, rusts,

I am usually drawn to brighter colors, but I think this is going to look very nice. His room already has beige and forest green colors in it.

The quilt has two different blocks. I started the star block. Here are some of the components.

Since we had so much snow on Wednesday- more than 2 feet by the way!- I was able to get a little sewing in.
I would show the finished block, but I didn't finish! :( why? Because I sewed them wrong!!
Yup, got on a roll and sewed one corner four patch turned around. Arggg!

So next time, I'll show you the block. In the meantime, here's my daughter trying to go feed the birds in the backyard- they were very hungry after the snowstorm!

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  1. This quilt will be very handsome ... fortunate guy!! That's sure a bunch of snow ... lucky birds to have you and your daughter!!


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