Saturday, February 19, 2011

Where has the time gone?

Wow. A month. Actually over a month since I posted. Started to post a few times... but never got around to actually finishing a post!

How are you all?

I have been so busy. The real problem with posting is that I want to show you what I have been working on, but I can't. Why? Well, I am currently working on the shop hop quilt for the CT Shop Hop in Sept. 8-18, 2011. Should be a fun time- 18 shops, 11 days. But if I show you the quilt now, there is nothing to look forward to in September!

I have finished Scott's quilt top. Just need to get some backing fabric and then quilt it. Progress. It looks great.

And my daughter is making a quilt for a friend of hers- and it looks smashing! but, can't show a picture of that either! Not until the recipient sees it!

I am 5 weeks behind in the block a week Civil War blocks. Wow. And it's only Feb! Imagine how far behind I will be in April? or September? That's OK- there is no penalty for being behind or not even finishing- it's all for fun anyway! Here are 2 of the recent blocks I did get done.
Block 3.

Block 4

What I really like to do this time of year is hang some of my quilts. They bring a little bit of sunshine to the house when we are deep in the wintertime blues! And what a winter it has been!
These quilts have been hanging for the last few weeks.

This one is called Heart Strings- so bright and happy! I am teaching a class in March at Quadrille Quilting on this one. Should be fun!

This one is called Little Bits of Love- totally cute! I had a lot of fun making the yo-yos and adding buttons to them. Little Bits is smaller than Heart Strings- just 12" wide. But it fills a little spot in the front hallway perfectly!

They add a little bit of "spring" to the house.

And it almost time to hang the next group. I may wait until the first of March.
But, at least it will give me something to show you next time!

Actually, I think that I will do a little giveaway next post! Something fun for March. So watch out!

Happy quilting!

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  1. Your happy quilts have got to add lots of smiles during the gloomy winter days, they are gorgeous :) Have fun and I look forward to when you can share all your hard work!!


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