Sunday, May 8, 2011


Happy Mother's Day to all mom's out there!

How are you all? It has been a while since I posted; I have had no voice for weeks now. All this winter and spring I have been fighting allergies and when that happens I lose my voice. It's been gone, on and off, for weeks. The last 2 1/2 weeks straight.

What does this have to do with posting? When I lose my actual voice, I sometimes feel like I've lost my voice- meaning my ability to communicate at all. Silly I know! But it is very hard to constantly be without your ability to speak; I can talk, just no one can hear me!

So today, voice or no voice, I am letting my voice be heard!

On a fun side,I am finally catching up with my Civil War blocks. I made 6 yesterday! Aren't they great?
This is block #9- Birds in the Air:

This is block #12- Louisiana:

This is block #14- Fox and Geese:

This is block 10- Lincoln's Platform:

This is Block 11- London Square:

Well, almost all of London Square- the bottom got shopped off- only in the picture! The block is fine!

There are two more but the camera has decided to stop working. Oh well. You get the idea. I have been so behind because of the shop hop quilt- which I can not wait to get back from Laura at Quilting by the Yard. She offered to quilt it for me and I am so excited to see it quilted!

I have been thinking about getting a quilting machine. Not a huge long arm- nowhere in the house for that! But maybe a Sweet Sixteen or something else... any thoughts out there? Something that fits in a small space. Not sure what space in my home that will be, but I will figure something out!

Spent some time shopping... fabric, clothes, shoes... with my daughter- what a great way to spend Mother's Day! Who needs to talk?

Happy quilting

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  1. Yay for you! I'm thrilled to "hear" you :) Your blocks are real pretty and so very happy you had a wonderful day with your daughter!! Well deserved, I'm sure!! Happiest Mother's Day wishes to you :)


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