Sunday, July 15, 2012


A while back, actually a long while back but we won't discuss how long, I started a list of MUFs. Masterpieces Under Fermentation. I have quite the list. And I am sorry to say, I have not completed anything on that list. And not everything is even on the list because I thought it would look bad!

However, it does not mean that I have not moved on to other projects and completed those first!

I finished one "business quilt" but I can't show that one yet. Not till the pattern is really done and the final version made. This was just test version #1.

Sneak peak... maybe you can guess what season?

Here is one I just did for fun. For me. It was a present from Elizabeth and I love it! The pattern is by Susan Rooney and it is called Daisy Duo. Elizabeth picked up the kit in Syracuse when she went there after our quilting weekend back in June. Not sure what store she got it at, but maybe she will comment on this post and let you all know. Because it is too stinking cute.

And it was quick! I did follow the pattern (I usually don't!) except my thread for the cute curlicues is white not yellow or green. And I added a couple of green button centers to my flowers. I wanted to add a bee button, but I have not found one I like yet. Still looking. I love daisies- one of my favorite flowers along with pink tulips.

Yesterday, my hubby and I went to 2 sewing/quilt shows! Sorry Jim, but he offered! First we went up to Denver and went to the Rocky Mountain Sew Expo. A nice lady at the Show Offs booth gave us VIP tickets so we got in for free! How nice was that?

So many fun things to see. And, surprise, surprise, I did buy something. Only one thing.

My new sewing room in our apartment is actually bigger than the room at our old house. However, the rest  of the old house was much bigger! More rooms to store things in. And an attic. And a basement. So while the room is bigger, there is now more stuff in it! Thank goodness for the closet!

So with the cutting table, the sewing table (actually our old kitchen table), and a desk (my old sewing table that is an old counter on legs from Ikea), there is no room for the ironing table. Except in front of the door.

So, my purchase yesterday is this great, small, portable ironing table from sewNgo. And I think it will work very well.

I have to finish adding the velcro to my adorable cover (you get to pick your cover. I did good! It even matches the pin cushion and thread catcher I made with all it's purples and greens) and we will be all set. It is hard to reach my bookcase, but that is better than blocking the door!

And did I mention that I saw lots of machines there? Sewing, quilting, long arm.... oh what fun. I was really struck by a Janome I saw, the Horizon- don't tell Vicky (my Viking machine!).

Then we went north to Loveland and the Quilt Colorado 2012 Quilt Show. More fun vendors and some great quilts. Inspiration for sure. And I kept my $$ in my pocket. Except for a raffle ticket. Aren't you impressed? I have so many projects in the hopper, I needed to be good. Not that I wasn't tempted.

So off to play with more MUFs. Which one next? Maybe I can get Lily to pick- she has been hanging out here on the deck helping me blog.

I hope whatever you are doing, you are having fun.

Happy quilting,

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