Thursday, July 12, 2012


It has been a month since I last posted and what a month it has been! After coming out to Colorado to meet the moving van and unpack boxes (oh so many boxes!), I flew back to Connecticut to see some friends and say my goodbyes.

First up was Nantucket with my book club gals. 
Don't we look like we are having fun?
Of course, what is not to love in Nantucket? A great weekend and many thanks to Diane for opening her wonderful home to us to enjoy.

Then it was back to CT for a few days and then off to
NY with Elizabeth and her buddies Sharon and
Lorraine. We met up in Syracuse and then traveled
down to Watkins Glen to O'Susannah's Quilts & Gifts
shop. We stayed in her Upstairs Inn and had a great
sewing weekend! If you have never been, definitely
a great time.

Isn't it the cutest place?

On my way back to CT from NY, I stopped in Massachusetts to hang out with my college buddies Diane and Robin. We spent the day in and around the  Lee, Lenox and Stockbridge area and had a great time. 

It just wasn't long enough! But we look great!

Once I got back to CT, it was almost time for the big trip to Colorado. My friend Charmion was coming with me so I did not have to drive alone and we had a great trip! We encountered rain, lightening, wind and heat, drove 2122 miles but we still managed to have fun.  We made some fun stops on the way and spent too much money but...

 First we stopped at some great quilt shops in the Lancaster area: Sauders and Burkholders in Denver, Zooks and the Old Country Store and Quilt Museum in Intercourse, PA as well as the local yarn shop.

After PA, it was on to Columbus to see Charmion's daughter Monique. We were so lucky: many of the hotels had no power on no rooms available but we had a reservation and power! Lucky us!

Then we drove to St Louis and stayed with Robin and went to see the Cathedral Basilica of St Louis. It was amazing. There are no words to describe the impact of seeing the mosaics in person. Truly worth a trip.

After St Louis, we drove to Independence and took in the sights with a tour of President Truman's home and a quick run thru his museum and library. So interesting, even on such a hot day! Poor Charmion- I made her walk 5 blocks in 105 degree heat- what was I thinking? We were dripping! Still, it was fun.

After Independence, it was the big push on to Colorado. We drove across Kansas and into Colorado. In case you didn't know, Kansas is a little flat. Actually, pretty flat. But we had a great sunset one night and made it to Colorado in time for dinner on the 4th.

So here I am, in Colorado. Hoping to learn more about my new home and make some friends. I am pretty sure quilters make good friends, so I am optimistic I will meet some! Off to go play in my new sewing room!

Happy quilting,


  1. Please let me be one of the first to say welcome back!! I've missed you :) What a month you've had and geez, you must be tired!! Time to relax with the sewing machine again ... Blessings to you and best wishes :)

  2. Hi:
    My name is Vicki and I too live in Colorado, in Brighton to be exact. I love to collect fabric, hardly finding time to stitch it. But I have great plans to change that in the near future. I have 8 children and #'s 10 and 11 Grands are due this year. I would love to be your new friend, I work part time for a local dentist, speak fluent Spanish and love KitKat bars. I feel like I'm trying out for a singles quilting board. LOL


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