Saturday, October 13, 2012


Yesterday I took a great class with Lura Schwartz Smith. Fun stuff.

The class was called Traditionals Transformed where we learned to draft and piece distorted traditional blocks. It was a challenge for some of us who like our rulers and precision piecing because we were drawing lines and blocks- some of us without rulers.

This was the pattern she gave us to work on. Pretty cool, huh?

I got to class late- bad girl. What can I say? So when we started the drawing exercise, my ruler was still in my car. So was my paper. The lady next to me very nicely shared her paper, but not her ruler. The good news is that it forced me to try to draft without using my ruler.

Sometimes it is good for us, who though we like to think of ourselves as right - brained but tend to left -brained stress when piecing, to break free of rigidity and do a little free play. And that is what this was. The morning was drafting and then piecing these distorted blocks. The drafting was done a little free wheeling, though the piecing had to be fairly precise. My block, while it looks off kilter, is pretty good. Top row is a little off, but... hey first try!

The afternoon activity appealed to more of the students. We sewed, then cut, then sewed things back together. Pretty fun stuff. Even those who felt they weren't doing well ended up with some pretty cool pieces.

 This was mine.

And this was another student's. She did really good! She was working on the grass for the barn block. And her distorted block came out really well too!

Others were not working on pieces for the barn block- they were just trying out the technique.

Wish I had gotten more pictures.

Hope you all have a great weekend and check out Lura's website- it is worth the visit! Great lady with fantastic art.

Happy quilting,

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