Monday, October 22, 2012


I have been remiss.

I have not posted.

I am sorry! I was working on a few projects and one was a gift- and I could not post a picture until the gift arrived at it's destination.

Here is the quilt I started at my class with Cynthia England. 

Cute, huh? I called it "Alyssaville; a ghost of a town". I made it for my daughter Alyssa and she has it hanging on her door. Some of the fabrics glow in the dark and I tried to use some glow in the dark thread.

Tried is the operative word. The thread and my machine were not friendly. They fought and just did not get along. I tried all sorts of tricks, playing with the tension, changing the needle, rethreading, talking sweetly....
Nothing helped. I was trying to blanket stitch around the shapes with it- I thought it would be fun. 

I finally switched to invisible thread and no problems at all. The areas where I used regular thread, no problem at all. Glow in the dark thread and my machine- mortal enemies.

Oh well. Live an learn!

On to fabric dyeing. My friend Marcia and I have gotten together a few times now to dye fabric. Since she has the house, and therefore the room to do this, we meet at her place. That means she also gets to wash out all the fabric after it has set for a while. Sorry Marcia! Last week we got together not to do dyeing, but to divvy up all the fabric we had dyed so far. (By the way, she mentioned people questioned her reference on her calendar... "dyeing with Kate". Doesn't sound good, does it?)

So we cut fabric, stapled samples to pages and marked them (we are geeks!) so if we every want to dye that color again, we know what it is. Here are some of my cards.

And here is my stash.

Each little pack has 5-6 fabrics in it.


More yum.

 Now I will admit, not all the fabrics looked great. There were a few that resembled, well, let's just say Marcia knew the right word because she has grandkids and has changed diapers lately!

But most were terrific. These browns are really nice in person.

Can't wait to play with this stuff!

happy quilting,

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