Thursday, October 25, 2012


I am leaving for Houston in 2 days and I have been meaning to make a couple of little bags. For things like my computer cord, the iPad cord...

I had made this bag a while ago that I use for my iPad when I want to take it with me.

Cute, huh?

But I hate having the cord all loose and stuff in there. Silly, I know. So yesterday I made the charger and cord a bag.

And then, because I did not want them to feel neglected,  I made a bigger bag for my computer cord and charger. And the silly part is, I have been meaning to make them for forever, and I kept putting it off, and to be honest, it was so quick! They were both done in less than an hour. Of course, normally I would have pieced a cute block for the outside, but I love the plaid fabric.

Now I am in the process of designing a messenger bag to carry stuff in. I know I won't get it done before I leave, but it is still fun to play!

Why Houston? I am going to Quilt Market. This should be so much fun. We are not vending so we do not have a booth which means I am not carrying 2 huge checked bags, one stuffed to the gills carry on and a briefcase that is so heavy it could take out a poor unsuspecting person if I should drop it putting it into the overhead bin! So nice to be unencumbered!
I am taking a checked bag (so I can bring home a little bit of stuff) and a small messenger bag.

Yes, I already have a messenger bag, that doesn't mean I can't design a new one!

So off to get ready for Houston, doing a little packing, sewing, designing...

Whatever you are doing, have a great day.

happy quilting,

Oh- just FYI- weather in Denver is weird. Two days ago it was almost 80 degrees. Last night it snowed. I am guessing the snow will be gone soon, though we may get more tonight before it melts.

But for today, it looks real pretty on the trees.


  1. we are in the 80 degree day here dreading that drop to the 30s and chance of snow after the weekend.
    Hope you have fun at market

  2. Thanks! I am really looking forward to Market! Always so inspirational!

  3. Aww! Now all your cords are snug and cozy and adorable :) Love the plaid!


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