Saturday, September 29, 2012

Baby Quilt

Hi Blog Followers!

Kate is wonderful about keeping up with our blog.  I did want to share my day today.  Had a baby shower to attend for a young couple in our neighborhood.  They have both served as Captains in the
Army in Afghanistan.  We are grateful for their service and are glad they are home safe and part of our wonderful community.

Just wanted to show you my gifts - of course a quilt! and my first attempt at a knitted baby sweater!

It was a great learning experience....I just want to know why a newborn needs pockets in a sweater???
Car keys, ATM card...oh that's right that lifesaver- the pacifier!

I am quilting tomorrow - are you?  Have fun if you get a chance to!

Elizabeth ( aka Libby)


  1. I'm taking a knitting class too but not that advanced, I'll be happy with a scarf!

  2. Great job on the sweater- looks lovely!


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