Saturday, September 29, 2012


I have discovered the one down side to not working a regular day job. When you work at home, you are always at work!

It is important to have some down time/fun time- even when you have a lot to do! Even when you can hear the work calling you from the other room.

Today, we took a little time and went on a hike. We went to Roxborough State Park. At first I was disappointed. It is fall, and since we went a little south, we did not head to towards the "color".

But, once we got going, the beauty of the area got to me and I was no longer disappointed.

We parked our car and wandered up to the visitor's center. This was one of the signs we saw before proceeding out onto our trail.

It is a little hard to read (sorry, fuzzy picture!), but it tells us what to do if we encounter a bear or a mountain lion. Ok. Well. 
I guess it is good to know, but.... mountain lion? Oh, and that we should be on the lookout for rattlesnakes. Snakes. Not high on my list of adorable wildlife creatures.

But off we went. And it was worth it.

At one point, we took the path up to a lookout. Amazing up there. And so quiet.

The only sounds I heard were the small insects buzzing past and the rustle of something in the brush. 
Nothing else.
No cars.
No music.
No noise at all.
So peaceful.
And beautiful.

Of course, at one point, I fully expected to hear music, see Julie Andrews and watch the hills come alive!

A wonderful spot and less than 30 min from our apartment. Wow.

Not a big fan of this sign.... but everything has it's good side and it's not so great side.

On the good side, the sky was just so blue today to the east.

Hazy off to the west.

All in all, a lovely adventure.

Hope you have a great weekend.

Happy quilting,

p.s. yes, I did get in my machine quilting. I did not post pictures as it is not something you want to see yet. When it improves, I will show off.

p.p.s. It may be a while till the improvement. Just saying.

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