Friday, March 22, 2013

In a Bind?

Okay, I admit it.  I love to make binding. 

But what do you do with all of the tail ends of the binding you have left over from the quilt? 

As quilters we have trouble tossing out any little bit of fabric that we know can be repurposed into another project. 

I have accumulated a pile of “binding spaghetti”.

So what to do with all the pieces?  Well, we certainly know which member of the family really appreciates quilted items.  Stanley already has plenty of quilts on various beds, couches and chairs throughout the house for his pleasure.  Well his pet carrier really need a cute little kitty quilt.


     I decided to sew all my binding strips together                                                           
     I then cut them into an approximately 18 x19 rectangle.
     Measure your pet carrier for an estimate.



                             Look at the cute backing fabric I found in the stash! 
                                For the size I made a FQ would work purrfectly!

Even though it was hard to put the scissors to these kitties, I cut a piece to match the binding strip rectangle.  Put the fabrics right sides together with a piece of batting.  Sew around the four sides – but remember to leave a space open for turning.  Whip stitch or decoratively stitch the opening closed.  Super project to practice your machine quilting skills. Stanley is still deciding whether he wants fish or mice as a design! Either way he will think it's yummy!

What a great project for your own pet or think about making a few to donate to your local shelter or rescue organization.  What kitty wouldn’t love to have a stylish mini quilt for their fur-ever home!

 And speaking of binding....

Our new website debuts on Wednesday – stop by to visit.  We will have 2 binding tutorials to share with you. Check out our new digs!



  1. Can't wait to see the new website! Great idea for leftover binding -- at the Pikes Peak Humane Society, they want cat beds to be 25" X 17" (just in case you make extras!)

    1. Good to know! I will get going and make some myself!

  2. Great idea for those leftover binding ends. The rescues and shelters always welcome bedding that can be washed and dried. I save all of my scraps and orphan blocks. I make bed covers with the orphan blocks or leftover yardage and stuff them with my scraps. They get donated to the local non-profit rescue. They wash, dry and fluff and the kitties love them.

    1. Thanks Dawn. What is it with kitties and quilts? I think they appreciate our beautiful fabrics and snuggly batting. Stanley sure does!

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