Monday, March 11, 2013

Project Quilting- Challenge 5- Print Publications

This was a fun challenge- grab a magazine, or a catalog, or any print publication and turn to page 28. Find something on that page to be the inspiration for your design.

Of course, it is tempting to sneak a peak at page 28 and then choose- but that is not cool!

I had three publications that I pulled from a stack, Coastal Living, Art Journaling and Where Women Create.

All great magazines- how could I go wrong?

I mixed them up in a pile, no peeking! and grabbed one.

Where Women Create, Autumn 2011.  Cool.

Now onto page 28- awesome! I remember reading this page and loving the chandelier! I think Heather Bailey is a lucky girl to have this! I love it!

Now what to do?

I was really hoping that for once, I would start this earlier in the week, but that would just not be my style.

So, I spent the week house hunting. And occasionally thinking about the project. Finally it was Friday night  and I was nowhere. Burned out from house hunting- FYI. real estate around here is flying off the shelves and you see a house and two seconds later, it is under contract! Craziness! Creates this heightened sense of urgency and anxiety.

Anyway, back to Project Quilting! So I showed dear hubbie my very tentative ideas, he made a suggestion and viola! An great idea started to form.

Saturday am- more house hunting, in the snow! It was wet and heavy snow but the roads weren't too bad. And we did not get the 8-14" that were predicted so that helped.

Finally I was back at the apartment and ready to begin.

A bin of scraps.

Trimming scraps.

Sewing scraps. A little hand drawing, fusible, machine stitching, quilting....


Spring on a Shelf

I had decided to use both elements that I liked in the picture- the swirls of the green chandelier and that shelf of fabric that just looked so pretty and spring-y.

I repeated the flower in the quilting in the upper arch of the shelf. 
FYI- I quilted with Aurifil thread- 50 wt white and a really pretty yellow. 
Lucky that I had them in my stash! Lovely thread.

Yea! I managed to squeak this one out. Happy girl. Loving how bright and happy this little quilt looks.

And if you get a chance to pop over to the Project Quilting Flickr pool- there are some truly amazing quilts over there! Check it out!

Have a great week everyone!

happy quilting,


  1. It's really neat to hear what inspired you for this. I'll admit to coming in for a closer look because that daisy with the scroll reminded me a little of a quilt I did a couple years ago.

    1. Thanks Melinda- I checked out your quilt- so pretty! Flowers and scrolls just go together!


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