Monday, March 4, 2013

Kate's new sewing machine!


I looked at sewing machines the other day while on my mini shop hop with my friend Wendy. While we were at Sew-ciety down in Castle Rock, I saw they had a Tribute 140C. It came out last year as the 140 year anniversary machine for Viking.

It has been replaced with the new machine Eden Rose. They are basically the same machine. And since the Tribute is last year's model, it was on special. Hmm.... soooo tempting.

While I would love to be able to afford a machine with a ton a bells and whistles, right now that is not possible. But this machine seems to have most of what I need.

So Saturday I went back to check it out. And, drum roll please, I bought it.

They were very nice to work with at Sew-ciety and they gave me a great deal so I splurged on a Sew Steady table for it as well. (Ever since I won the Sew Steady table for my featherweight, I realize what a difference it makes!)

Yippee! I am back in business and able to sew away!

Got to go- go some sewing to do!

happy quilting,


  1. So nice to have a new machine - congrats and enjoy

    1. Thanks! It is nice- I just love that it pieces so beautifully- no seams that look like a drunken sailor!


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