Monday, August 27, 2012

Coming Attraction

It's coming. Can you feel it? See it? Smell it?

It's still summer, but the little things are showing up that tell us fall is coming. It is cooler first thing in the morning now. The days still warm up, even get hot, but then the nights remind us, fall is coming.

The leaves may not have turned yet, but they are less brilliant. The bright green of summer leaves is giving way to the darker, and a little duller, green of fall leaves before they turn into yellows, reds and oranges. This will be my first fall in Colorado. I wonder if the leaves here are as spectacular as the leaves in New England?

Back home in Hamden, CT, there is a little hill called Sleeping Giant. We sometimes like to call it a mountain, but since it's highest peak is 739 feet, it really does not qualify as a mountain.

However, it is a lovely park to hike in with miles of trails, a lovely old tower with 360 degree views of the surrounding area and trees. Lots of lovely trees that turn the giant ablaze with color in the fall. We used to live right near the giant, and I would always look to see how the leaves were changing each day on my drive to work.

What else does fall mean? Back to school. Football. Crisp air. Oh, did I tell you where I went on Sunday? To the SF 49ers game! Oh, yes, they played the Broncos. And the niners won! Of course, it is only preseason, and the Broncos were great in the first half when more of their starters were in. Hey, but I saw my team, in my first live NFL game and they won. I'll take it!

It means it is time to make those fall table runners, and Halloween pumpkin quilts and treat bags, time to decorate and get ready for the upcoming holiday season. We have presents to make!

To that end, we will have a little pattern giveaway next month. I am off for a few days, back to the lovely states of Connecticut and Maine to see friends and family. It should be fun. A visit to the beach. Maybe some chowder and lobster. Time for the last hurrah of summer.  It's not over yet!

So when I get back, we will get on with the fall and all the business of back to school, pumpkins and gourds, turkey and stuffing and holiday gift giving and throw a pattern giveaway. Maybe a pattern. Maybe more than one.

Any requests?

In the meantime,
happy quilting,

p.s. In spite of Miss Lily's assistance, I got my friend's quilt all done. And it is coming with me to CT so I can give it away. Yea me!
I'll post pictures after I give it to her. Hope she likes it!

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