Wednesday, August 1, 2012

CQC FQ Challenge Day 2

Day 2 of my personal challenge to use two FQs I received at the Colorado Quilt Council meeting and some fabric from my stash.

Here are the two fabrics I received.

So what to do next? It's a bit of a cheat as I have posted about them before, but I decided to make a wallet and coin purse from our pattern Girls Go Shopping.

Luckily for me, I have a stash of zippers around, because I really did not want to buy anything for this challenge.

So here is the wallet:

And here is the coin purse:

The coin purse has a handy back pocket for loose bills, you know, tens, twenties, fifties....haha. I have ones in there!

But a business card fits too!

Really! See? It fits.

The wallet has a handy little back pocket too, and if you put your license in the see thru pocket, it is zippered closed so it is not going to fall out or get taken out. Yea!

Of course, that is not an ID, that is a Jo-ann's gift card!
Girls DO Go Shopping!

OK- what to do tomorrow?

happy quilting,

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  1. cute!
    thanks for stopping by my blog during the Think Christmas hop. I also collected ornaments for my three kids. My two boys are married and have taken theirs to put on their trees. One day my daughter will do the same.
    good luck in the giveaway.


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