Thursday, November 8, 2012

Generosity and a change in plans

Quilters are a very generous bunch. It is so wonderful to see how the quilting community steps up after tragedies and does what they do best- make and donate quilts.

I had someone say to me: people need food, and electricity and new houses and many other things- quilts are at the bottom of the list. True, people who have lost everything due to a storm or other tragedy need many things.

But I don't believe a quilt is at the bottom of the list- it can provide warmth, comfort and security as well as a reminder that we have not forgotten those who have lost so much.

So I am changing my plans for the week-  I figure I should step up to the plate! I have two quilt tops that I started a while ago- both were testing versions of a new pattern I am working on- well, one was supposed to be more than that, but I  cut it out wrong! Sad to say, it is not the first time!

So I am going to finish up the tops and then figure out how to quilt them.

This is one of those times I wish I had a long arm! Of course, there is no room for that in this apartment, but I am going to figure out a set up so I can at least quilt them with some straight lines. I know I could tie them, but I really like quilting so much better.

I found some fabric in my stash that I can piece together for backs- I just need one more large piece for one of the quilts. That stash is sure coming in handy!

If you want to know where you can donate a quilt, go to equilter's site and look at what they and Timeless Treasures Fabrics have set up.

In other updates, I put together the next two blocks in our block exchange.

This is the July block:

And this is the August block:

I am waiting to get back the blocks for Sept and Oct and then I have to make the next three months.
Here are my packets with the fabrics all picked out.

But these will have to wait.
We interrupt this program to make some quilts for who have had a rough time. Seems like a good plan.

happy quilting,

p.s. Update: One quilt top finished and the back is pieced. On to the next top, then the quilting! Progress!

p.p.s Update #2- Second top completed. Back is pieced! Time to put the feet up- tomorrow is another day!

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