Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Busy Season

Wow- this is a busy season, isn't it? How are you doing with it all?

I am feeling a little behind- I have not started my Christmas shopping yet. And I have to send presents to Scotland and Florida this year- so I think I need to get going! I am very excited that we will be heading to CT for the holiday and seeing family and friends.

On Saturday Jim and I went to the Denver Art Museum. It was great- at first Jim could not get me out of the art museum store! There were some amazing items in there. And art books. And cards, prints, jewelry, and.... just wonderful stuff.

Once he managed to drag me out, we wandered around the museum. There were two exhibits that were ending this weekend, so we made sure to go see those first. There is also a great exhibit on Van Gogh, but we need to get special tickets for that.

Have you ever done Zentangle? It is a very relaxing drawing method using structured patterns. I love doing it- I always bring a book and pens on plane rides.

Here is one of the drawings I made on my last flight.

And here is a piece of bark cloth at the museum-
Zentangle on bark cloth!

After the museum, we went to a couple of stores- a yarn/quilt shop called Fancy Tiger Crafts- love that place! and Snappy Quilts, another great quilt shop. So many fun quilt shops around here.

And then down Main Street in Littleton for a little shopping and lunch/dinner. Lunner? Early dinner? Late lunch?

We got home just in time to run back out to the park to take some shots of the sunset over the foothills.

The sky was amazing with the clouds and the color.

I will leave you with two piles of fabrics- 
both from the line Simply Color 
by Vanessa Christenson 
Version A- lighter
of V and Co for Moda:
Version B- darker

Which should I use in my next quilt? I am working on another new pattern and I love them both! Background is solid off white. 

Choices, choices- such a great line.

Good luck with all your holiday preparations- shopping, cooking, decorating... and wish me luck!

happy quilting,

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