Sunday, November 4, 2012

Market Goodies

Did I mention I won a couple of things at Quilt Market????

No? Oops! But look what showed up at my apartment today!

Arrow Sewing Cabinets was so generous- they were sponsoring a giveaway at Market- and not just one! Each day there were 4 or more drawings to win this great Gidget II sewing table. You put a business card in the jar, and then you had to be present to win. 
So we kept going back, hoping to win this adorable table! And we did!

They actually drew Elizabeth's card, but we wanted to win it to give it to my daughter. But with her tiny one room apartment,  she doesn't have room (even for this) yet! So I am going to give it a whirl!

It comes fully assembled so all you do is open the box, pull it out and pop open the legs. 

It folds down flat so you can store it, say under a bed. 
(And yes, my daughter already has a ton of stuff stored under there- 
plus it is where the kitties like to sleep!)

We just had to adjust the chains so the machine 
was at the right height, and Viola! 
I was ready to sew in moments!

We asked Miss Lily to help, but she was not interested in all the exciting goings on!

I am hoping to work on my bag from market this week- so here is the question:
Green on the outside or yellow?

Please comment below with your vote! 
Please Vote! 

happy quilting,

p.s did anyone notice that I said I won a couple of things? I will post more when item #2 arrives!


  1. Interesting! That was my pick as well. And the instructor assumed we would all want the yellow on the outside and the fabric was folded that way.

    Do you think that influenced our choice? One lady in the class was going to use the green outside and it did get me to thinking...

    Thanks for weighing in!


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