Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Meet Huey Louie and Daisy Mae!


They are finally done and shipping!

What am I talking about?

Sorry- I am just so excited! Our two newest patterns, Daisy Mae and Huey Louie are done. Quilts made, patterns tested, retested,  printed and oh so cute!

They are part of our new series called Cat Nap Quilts.

Cute name, huh? They are called that because they are named after our cats.

Miss Daisy Mae Duke is one of my daughter's kittens. She is cute, a little chubby and a snuggler.

She has the sweetest little face!

And here is her quilt.

Daisy Mae
Her brother is Huey Louis and the News. He is quite needy, a little whiney, looks like a panther and loves to snuggle.

He is harder to get a picture of because he is almost all black- except for a spot on his chest and his little white belly and armpits. He really is very sweet.

And here is his quilt.

Huey Louie
Love them!

The quilting on them is amazing- they were quilted by Laura McCarrick of Always Keep Quilting and she is a master.

Quilting on Daisy Mae

Quilting on Huey Louie

Huey Louie is kind of a little wonky log cabin block. I made him in all solids, which I love!, but you don't have to. He almost has an Amish quilt feel in the solids.

Daisy Mae I made using some bright fun batiks. Did you see the turtles? Of course, you don't have to use batiks for her.

The fun part about both of these quilts is that you can change the look just by changing the setting of the blocks and/or the style of fabrics. Each quilt is made of one block that you can turn and change and really make the quilt the way you want!

Each pattern has two different size quilts-
both are perfect for snuggling under- especially with a kitty!

That is Miss Lily- you will meet her and her quilt soon. For now, she is snuggling up with Daisy's quilt!

In some future posts, I will try to show you different versions that others have made. It is so fun to see what you can do with them.

I hope you like our two new kitty quilts. We love them! We like to say they are Fast, fun and done!

happy quilting,

p.s. If you are interested in purchasing either of these patterns, just email us. They are so new they are not at a distributor yet!

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