Saturday, December 22, 2012

Sew Fun!

What a great day yesterday!

I spent the day sewing with my cousin and my daughter.  Any day sewing is fun, any day spent with my cousin is great and any day spent with my daughter is amazing. Put all three together.... WOW! We exhausted ourselves!

First Irene worked on some binding for a quilt she is finishing for the holidays. then we got down to making pillowcases for Sandy Hook children.

We made them out of soft flannel- aren't they fun?

Then we made blocks.
Lots of blocks.

96 to be exact!

We are in a block exchange and we got a little behind! So, now we are done! We caught up and got the last month, January done!

Who's better than us?

Off to see some friends, pick up hubbie at the airport, see more friends...

happy quilting!

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