Thursday, December 13, 2012

Side tracked or on track?

So the other day while I was trying to get a new quilt sewn and some Christmas sewing and shopping done, I realized I was going to my one and only Denver area Christmas get together. And, I needed to bring something for the attendees. Uh-oh!

My friend Shirley and her gang get together a couple of times a month, sew, chat, visit and generally enjoy one another's company. And they have extended their group to include me. Very sweet. Every year they draw names to exchange gifts at the holiday gathering. Since I was not around when they drew names, I was not participating.

But I couldn't go empty handed!

So, I made a bunch of cute little holiday coasters, picked up adorable glass mugs and some fancy shmancy hot chocolate at Starbucks!

And sew quick.
Sew fun!

Aren't they cute?

Need a quick gift?

So easy peasy to make: so here goes.

Cut: (1) 5" square of fabric for the inside
        (1) 5" square of fabric for the outside back
        (4) 5" x 4 ½" pieces of fabric for front.
This can be 2 of two fabrics or four different fabrics. I did 4 different ones.
        (1) 5" square of light batting or flannel or heavy interfacing- your choice.

I like to use light batting. If my cup is a little leaky, it absorbs nicely.

Fold all the 5" x 4 ½" front pieces in half, wrong sides together so each piece measures 5" x 2 ¼".

Lay the inside fabric down, wrong side UP. My inside is the cream fabric.
Lay the batting on top.

Lay the outside back down, right sides UP. My back is the winter cardinal fabric.

Layer the front pieces down, raw edges to the outside, one along each side of the square.

When you get to the last piece, be sure to tuck the last edge under the first piece.

Sew all the way around.

I backstitch at the corners. That's just me. That way they are less likely to pull apart when you turn it around.

Clip corners to reduce bulk.

Turn, press, done!

I use a nice long handled wooden pokey thing to push out the corners. They won't be perfectly pointy, but that is OK.

Of course, if you have a serger, you can get a nice finished edge. But no worries, no one sees the edges unless they turn it inside out. They are tucked away inside the coaster.

Another option when sewing is to angle the corners. I made marks about ⅜" up from the corner and sewed across that.

That is what I did with this group.

Or you could round them. Ahhh, the options abound. I made these just to show on the blog.
So I guess now I have another present done!

I am not sure if I like the front

or the back of them better!

If you want a little more of the inside showing, cut the front pieces to 5" x 4".

Ok- I am off to wrap presents for my son and daughter -in-law in Scotland- they may not make it there by Christmas but... I am trying! I had to wait for something I ordered and of course, it was backordered! Did not plan on that.

Then I need to wrap presents for my son in Florida and get them in the mail. So I better get going!

Happy Holidays!

happy quilting!

p.s. If you need a quick gift, check out my Nutmeg Hill Etsy shop- I have some rather adorable placemats there. And a few crocheted washcloths. And a lovely bag or two. I leave to go back east next Tuesday, so don't wait to order!

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