Saturday, December 29, 2012

Post Holiday Wind Down

They are over. Every year, I look forward to the holidays. I love the season of giving and being thankful for all our family and friends.

Pre-Christmas goodie bag I won at Colorful Yarns! More projects!
Then I get all stressed out buying gifts, making gifts and just general planning.

But this year was different because I had to ship so many things. I haven't had to do that before. I had to ship to my son and his wife in Scotland. I had to ship to my son in Florida.

And I had to ship myself and hubbie to Connecticut! Along with the gifts for everyone back there.

So what did I learn?

Gift from Son and Daughter in law in Scotland- cute!
One- ship earlier to Scotland. Even though we sent stuff out early, it did not make it for Christmas Day.  So, next year, much earlier. Maybe in November.

Two- ship presents to Connecticut- DO NOT CARRY on the PLANE!!!

In retrospect, this seems like a simple idea and not rocket science. In my defense, I can only say that I knew by flying on Southwest I could get two checked bags for free, so why pay for shipping?

My body respectfully requests I ship next year.

Three- do not carry a sewing machine thru an airport. OMG. That was painful. I know- there are great rolling bags. I even have one. However, since I have a rotator cuff injury, I decided I could not lift a bag up into the overheard compartment. So it had to fit under my seat. What I neglected to consider was the effect on my shoulder of CARRYING THE HEAVY MACHINE from one end of the Chicago airport to another. Bad, bad plan!

At least it is now in CT to stay so whenever I head back there, I can sew with friends. Thank goodness.

Adorable ruffled scarf made by my daughter!
Four- I love my family and friends!

We stayed with a great friend of mine that I have known since junior high. We lost touch for a while when we got busy with jobs and kids, but I am so grateful we are back in each other's lives and good friends. She is a very warm, generous person and opens her house to me and hubbie to come and go as we please. I am blessed.

While I could not be with my boys on Christmas, we got to speak and I know they are following their dreams and and I thrilled for them.

And we were able to spend the day with our daughter who is such a fun and amazing person.

Life is good.

I will post pictures soon of the felting I did while in CT with a good friend of mine. It was really fun to do something different.

Merry Christmas. Happy New Year.

happy quilting,

P.S. Five- Unpacking is worse than packing!

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