Monday, February 25, 2013

Project Quilting Challenge 4

Project Quilting- another challenge and another quilt done!

This time I did not procrastinate quite as much, but almost! Hubby and I were scheduled to take a screen printing class on Sat (more on that another time) so I had to get the quilt done before that.

One of the things I am trying to do during these challenges is only use what I have. No shopping for extra fabric, no shopping for embellishments etc... I should have enough stuff!

This week's challenge was "Wish upon a Star".

I love stars. Pieced stars, appliquéd stars, quilted stars, star buttons.... so this should be fun! I pondered the quilt design all week- pieced stars? Appliqué? what to do?

I even printed out the words to the Disney song, Wish upon a Star for inspiration. Finally on Friday, I just started to go for it with a partial plan in place. Good thing I was not totally set on one idea as things did not go as planned.

First- no blue! My first three Project quilting quilts all had blue in them, so no blue!

Second- no sawtooth stars. They are my go to star so I needed to do something else.

Third, I decided to put words on my quilt and luckily I found some great fabric pens to use in my stash.

Fourth- the theme: Hedge Your Bets, Wish upon a Galaxy!

I did a cross between the Big Bang and a galaxy of stars. I made wonky log cabin blocks and then cut them on an angle.

The center of the log cabin is traditionally red to signify the hearth of the home- for me, it is the center of the big bang where all the stars were "born".

Then a ring of appliquéd stars. Then the words.

A little stitching around the stars, circular quilting, binding, more words and the quilt was born!

Side note- the challenges this week were not only the one issued by Project Quilting. My machine truly is not working well and so I could not embellish the stars with machine stitched blanket stitch. I was down to a straight stitch only machine.

Second, fabric pens do not last forever. I probably got the pens 6 years ago and they only lasted through a few words. I was going to put the words of the entire song along the border of the quilt, but the pen barely made the first two lines!

That's OK- I am learning to be flexible. The quilt is still adorable!

happy quilting,


  1. it's beautiful! I love how you did this! Nice work once again :)

    1. Thanks Kim! I must admit I love how bright it is!


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