Thursday, February 7, 2013

Yoga Mat

Back in the fall I went to a fair across the street at the park. And I won a yoga mat and 2 weeks free of yoga classes.

Have I gone? Nope.

Lily eyeing the latest quilt!

Actually I have a good excuse. The day after the fair, Jim and I went hiking and I fell. And, to make the long story short, I hurt my knee. The one that has already gone thru a lot including two surgeries. It has taken a long time for it to feel better.

So, the knee is better and I am almost over my respiratory flu so it is time to try out the yoga. I have the free mat; but I need the yoga bag!

I actually bought fabric a few years ago to make a yoga bag and then... nothing. So yesterday was the day. I looked online for patterns and finally decided to come up with my own version.

And ta-da- here it is!

Isn't the fabric pretty? It is a line from Art Gallery called "Revive".

I made a pleated pocket on the outside to hold my water bottle.

And instead of a drawstring top, I added a zipper.

I made a two color handle- nice and long to throw over my shoulder or across my chest.

There is even an inside pocket.

And it is roomy- so there is space for a towel, and
any extra stuff I want to cart along.

That was a great adventure!

I have some other fabric that would make a great bag- I could make one with a drawstring top.
Maybe do a tutorial.


happy quilting,

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