Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year with a Featherweight

Happy New Year!

What a year 2012 was! My family and I went thru a lot of changes- three moves, a wedding and just assorted stuff! Can't wait to see what is in store for 2013.

I have a little story; back in October, the day before I was to leave to go to Quilt Market in Houston, I went to see a new quilting friend. She lives in an assisted living center and they have a sale every Friday. Residents and families bring in items they no longer need and the items are sold to raise money for the residents of the center.

There was a featherweight for sale.

I have always wanted a featherweight.

A featherweight!
So I went to see. And there she was, with her box and lots of attachments including a buttonholer!

Oh my.

After a little negotiation, she was mine.
And so, I brought her home.

And then I left. And then I was busy and then I was traveling, then it was the holidays.... she was neglected.

So on New Years Day, she and I got reacquainted.

Isn't she pretty? Not fancy, but what a little workhorse!

The story gets better!

When I was in Houston, I stopped at a booth for the Sew Steady acrylic tables to put around your sewing machine.

I actually purchased this little stand for my iPad.

And I got my name entered into a drawing.

And look what I won! A Sew Steady table for my featherweight! So I set everything up yesterday and got to sewing. I love the machine! I love the table! Thank you Sew Steady!

First I had to adjust tension, etc.... and then I had to figure out my ¼" seam. So here is how I did that, just in case you were wondering.

Celine Perkins, of Perkins Dry Goods, has a nifty little gadget called the Perfect Piecing Seam Guide. It helps you to establish a perfect "scant" ¼" seam. So I thought I would try it out. I got out my blue painters tape.

First I put it under my presser foot and stuck the needle in the hole provided. Ok so far.

Then I butted up the painters tape to the guide.

I grabbed some old fabric and cut three strips, each 1 ½" wide x 6" long and sewed them together. Then I pressed the seams out to the sides.

Measured the center strip- it should be exactly 1" wide. Hmmm.... nope! I think my tape slid under the guide just a little.

So I readjusted, resewed and remeasured. Why does the bobbin always run out when you are in the middle of a seam? That's OK, I got to wind my first bobbin on the featherweight!


I always like to double check, so I did it again. But I reversed the fabrics. You will see why in a second. And this time, I pressed the seams in towards the center strip. Still perfect! Yea!

And then, because I hate to waste stuff, I cut them up into 1 ½" wide segments.

Then I sewed them together and now have two 9-patch blocks for something.

Maybe a cute little mug rug.

Fiona and I had a great time together yesterday. We also made a table runner, but I will save that for another day.

And yes, I name my machines. My other machine is Vicky. She is acting a little off lately and will have to go see the specialist soon, but luckily Fiona can help fill in the gap!

Happy quilting!

p.s. I have a question- I found these leftover triangles from some project and I sewed them together.

Which way should I go- two blocks the same with different pinwheels, or two different blocks?

Two blocks this way?
One block
One block

Not sure what I am going to do with them, that comes later!

Help me out- leave me a comment on which way to go! thanks!

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