Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday Finish Line

Friday! A great day of the week- the weekend is ahead with all its possibilities for fun and adventure and the week full of projects and accomplishments is slowly fading into the background.

A great day to review your accomplishments for the week and have a celebratory party.

So this week I have:

Finished a quilt top.

Started a small quilt for Project Quilting and hope to quilt it today.

Lots of pattern writing, fixing directions as I sewed. Lily likes to help.

Finished the top of a runner- hope to quilt it this weekend or it will go on the docket for next week.

(Same pattern as the quilt- totally different fabrics. Fun!)

Fabrics picked out for the remake of one of our oldies but goodies.

Going to remake the cover quilt, update the directions and trim the name. Hmmm... a mystery project.

Any guesses?

Off to work for me! Today is less fun- no real sewing today; I have to do computer work! :(
But, I will approach it with confidence and a good spirit! and maybe a little retail therapy once I am done. I am in desperate need of some new thread for all that quilting- off to get me some Aurifil!

Have a great day- celebrate your week of successes!

happy quilting,

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