Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Puzzler Update

A while age, I shared some photos of blocks that I had received from a 12 month block exchange.

I just got the last 5 months of blocks in the mail!

Over the holidays, while back in CT, I spent a great day with my daughter and my cousin and we finished up the last of our blocks. I think we were the final hold outs to getting this finished!

Here are the blocks I got back from the group:


A close up of one of the blocks.


Don't you just love the dots?


 Some months we all seemed to be on the same page- this month had a lot of green in it!


Love the grey fabric with the pink and turquoise- such a great combo!

And the last month-


Two of my blocks have that red center- I may switch one out for a hot pink. But it is so cute! I just love it!

Elizabeth, who was the organizer and block exchanger extraordinaire, also made all of these lovely quilt labels for the backs of our quilts.

I guess she is expecting us to finish!

The label was made with Printed Treasures Sew-On.

Our group was diverse and Elizabeth shared some of the demographics. We had 12 swappers from 5 states with an age range from 20s to 60s. And from very beginner to seasoned quilters. Didn't we all do a great job?

Now to out some of those blocks together....

happy quilting,

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