Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thankful Thursday!

Today I wanted to think about things I am thankful for.

Many days it is hard to remember the good stuff; we get bogged down in the things that are not going well, or are hard, or... well it is easy to let the negative rule over the positive.

So today I am thankful.

For many things, my family, my friends- near and far- my health...

OK, maybe not my health this week as I have some sort of cold/flu thing that has rendered me speechless and coughing.

And... my Sew Steady table! Is really is great. I find that I am piecing a little better with it- my pieces are laying flat when they are meeting the machine and there is less wobbling.

OK- enough chatting- back to piecing! Fiona and I are on a roll! We are very thankful for time to spend sewing together!

happy quilting,

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