Monday, January 28, 2013

Project Monday- Challenge #2

Good Monday!

Sunrise off my deck this am
How are you?

This weekend I finished up the quilt for challenge #2 of Project Quilting. The challenge was "My Favorite Color".

You had to make your project using white and just one other color.

Favorite color. I know many people can state that color without hesitation, but I can't.

Some days, pink is my favorite color.

Some days it is blue.

Other days, I might actually think green is at the top of the list.

I have to admit though, orange is never the favorite and brown doesn't make the top 5 either though I like them both.

Ah, but look how pretty these are!
And yellow just brightens up the room!

Oh, wait, what about purple? magenta? fuchsia?

See my dilemma? How to pick just one?

So, I finally decided to go with the colors that represent my favorite place.

For those that know me, there is no guessing here.

(No, not Disney World- that is my second favorite place!)

The beach.


Color - done. Blue and white.

Design. A whole other dilemma. I was tempted to pop on over to the Project Quilting flicker site and see what others had done. Cheating! So I restrained. but it was already Saturday afternoon, the quilt was due by noon on Sunday. Time to get in gear!

I remembered a quilt that I had designed for a retreat in Madison CT many years ago called Seaside Retreat. It had these wave blocks and I thought that would be perfect.

Corner of Seaside Retreat

So I decided to do a bargello style top with wave blocks through the middle.

And then quilting... I am a straight line kind of machine quilter. My favorite is lines that start and end off the sides of the quilt so I don't have to worry about how to end or bury the threads!

But I wanted to experiment on this quilt- that is what this is all about isn't it? Trying something new?

So, Viola!

Wavy lines and a circle. (And yes, they did start and end off the edges of the quilt!)

Project Quilting Challenge #2. "The beach, baby! "


happy quilting,


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